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Adult Baby #1

Debbie's first adult baby video shows "baby" girls sucking their thumbs and dummies (pacifiers), wetting their pants and beds, dressing in nappies and plastic pants, and generally acting like the big babies they are. The video ends with a great scene with a nurse looking after her big baby girl.

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Adult Baby #2

This video stars Melissa and Justine, two of the cutest adult baby girls you ever saw! Lots of nappies and plastic baby pants, adorable clothes, bottles and thumb sucking. There is also plenty of wetting too -- big sissy girls who still wet their beds and their pants! No wonder they had to be put back in nappies!

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Panty Pissing #1

This special video features 4 girls who are very prone to wet accidents in a series of scenes. The first scene is a great panty wetting scene in a sexy tennis outfit. Other scenes include "schoolgirl" accidents, wetting at the office, a very wet French maid, a wet accident in the classroom, a toilet scene, wetting and masturbating on the bed, pussy shaving and pissing in the bath. This video is definitely a collector's item and not to be missed!

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Panty Pissing #2

If you like lots of dripping wet panties, skirts and soaked jeans, this is the video!When the inevitable happens after waiting too long, you will be there for the close-ups of all the action. These girls get really excited as they squeeze their thighs together before the warm pee floods into their panties, down their legs, through their clothes into huge glistening stains so they have to rub themselves to find another form of relief too.

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Panty Pissing #3

What can a girl do if she gets caught short? They try to hold on but in the end they just have to give in to that warm rush in their panties. In addition to the jiggling and prancing, you are there for the close-up of deed being done. In addition to soaking the traditional white cotton panties, several girls are wearing thin polyester panties which become translucent when wet. Whether it is the sexy classroom scene with Justine (photo on left) or a locker room or bed wetting scene, you will get just as wet as the girls you are watching!

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Panty Pissing #4

If you like desperation scenes, this video has them! Almost half of the 15 wet scenes involve desperate girls holding on. Several different girls are in this video and they are all young (over 18 of course), thin, and cute plus they have not been seen in previous videos from Debbie Ashton. They will entertain you with several scenes in public areas like a subway, in front of a Post Office, an office building, on a balcony, and in the woods. Indoor scenes include wetting a bed, soaking a padded chair, peeing down the side of a wall, and even over a railing both with panties on and off. You are sure to get off too with this latest and best yet video from Debbie Ashton

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Panty Pissing #5

This video was shot in Sydney, Australia with many outdoor public peeing scenes where the girls wet their panties or just pee with naked pussies. Unlike previous Debbie Ashton videos, the original soundtrack is included and you get to hear the conversations and all the hissing and splattering. There are several new girls in this video and the content is more explicit than ever and the public peeing is very daring!

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Panty Pissers #6

For those who prefer more girl/girl action, this video offers what you want. The scenes offer lots of diversity with panty wetting "schoolgirls," girls in business suits peeing in public, bedwetting, wet jeans, light bondage, and several nude peeing scenes. Watch these girls go everywhere -- in the street, on a train, in a bed, on the stairs, and making puddles on the floor. These girls are really naughty -- they love it and you will too!

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