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Posted by wet celeb spotter on August 03, 2002 at 19:43

I´ve foud much more in my archives. Here is the new list:


The Ultimate Wet Celeb Report List


4 Shocking Secrets

Alicia never shaves her legs. She had a traumatic first-shaving experience brought about by a childhood friend named Basil. "He was always calling me Hairy Legs, so my friend shaved my legs. She cut them so badly that I still have scars."

Her brother, David, nicknamed her Pee-cia. "I used to pee in my pants," she confesses, "but it wasn't like I was irresponsible. I had a bladder problem."

She doesn't own a bathing suit. "The most horrifying thing has to be shopping for a bathing suit," she says. But if she dead break down and buy one, it would definitely be a one-piece.

The more successful she becomes, the less she bathes. "I don't take showers or baths except when I have to, so my hair gets gross and dirty," she admits.

Alicia Kisses & Tells



Posted by Aloo on August 03, 2002 at 13:40

Celebrity Latest!

Quote taken direct from her official site. If you follow the link you can read it about 3/4 of the way down the page. It's under where it says "4 Shocking secrets". Number 2 is this "Her brother, David, nicknamed her Pee-cia. "I used to pee in my pants," she confesses, "but it wasn't like I was irresponsible. I had a bladder problem."" Note however that she speaks as though it was in the past.

Other things of note however.

She talks in the FHM 2000 interview about THAT rubber Batman suit. The article says:-

Did you encounter any difficulty going to the toilet in the all-in-one rubber suit?

I couldn’t stand wearing that thing. That was one of the worst parts of it. We had to figure out ways of not going to the bathroom but I seem to remember going a lot. The minute you are told you can’t go, you just have to go.

Its about 3/4 of the way down the page at http://www.allaboutalicia.com/alicia/fhm/intro.html

The next is also regarding THAT suit. About half way down the page, in the paragraph starting "Unfortunately, being a superhero", she says "Their suits were two pieces, but mine was only one. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, so I just stopped eating or drinking for a while. I would wear nylons and a leotard underneath, and afterwards they’d be soaking wet". I couldn't believe it when I found that, but on reflection, she may have meant that they were wet because she was sweating so much. But then again it was her inability to use the toilet that they were discussing. I'm not to sure about that one.

Heres the link anyway.http://www.allaboutalicia.com/alicia/articles/tatler97.html

With regards to the quotes from other posts. In the interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, there was no mention of the diapers in her photoshoot. In fact another article claimed it was "cotton underwear". Here's the rolling Stone interview in full. -> http://www.allaboutalicia.com/alicia/articles/rollingstone.html

There is also mention of the previous post that she claimed she had "one little bathroom incident" while making Batman. No article on the site contained that quote (although that doesn't mean she didn't say it somewhere.

Finally I tried a Napolean style look through her galleries to see if she's wet. Well I didn't find a wet pic, but what I did find was that in virtually every shot of her public appearances (I figured photo shoots etc would never be seen by the public if she had an accident) she was wearing a black skirt or trousers. In other words, if she did wet then people nearby might notice, but no conclusive photgraphic evidence could be made. Perhaps that tells a story. I mean, ok, if someone likes black then they'll wear it a lot. But all the time?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed. We now have one other childhood wetter to DEFINATELY join Suzanna Somers.


Home Page : Pee-cia Silverstone admits to childhood bladder problems


Point on celebrity

Posted by Aloo on August 03, 2002 at 05:23

Names are being thrown in left right and centre, but people need to realise that there is potentially a huge difference between what they mean. For example, thanks to Napoleans hard work, there is a fair amount of evidence to suggest that Britney has had a few 'accidents' during her relatively short career. But there is certainly nothing to suggest that she has a fetish for wetting her knickers (and if she did I don't think she'd pick Saturday Night Live to experiment!) So I think that generally we are all in agreement that IF Britney had had accidents publicly, they are more likely to be conected with poor bladder control.

On the other hand there is no evidence that Kate Winslet has had any 'accidents' during her career. Yet there is certainy a lot of evidence that she may be interested in watersports - simply from how she kept going on about the scene in Holy Smoke. And since then there has been some more stuff cropping up on the board.

So we first need to make the distinction and appreciate that an accident isn't the same as having an interest in our fetish. Besides, think about the facts here. Due to childbirth, age, the fact most are female and the rigourous physical training that most of the celebs mentioned on this board have to stay in shape, I reckon there is a more than fair chance that most of them have had accidents in their adult years. Besides which they all have the money to go out on late night drinking binges which will bring in its fair share of waking up on the lounge floor in piss soaked jeans!

I wonder if Patches would be interested in running a list of likely wetters if it were properly researched. These are lists I'd make up from what evidence I have seen so far.


Suzanne Somers - Certain - As admitted in her autobiography.

Michael Landon - Certain - As admitted in his autobiography.

Christina Ricci - rumoured to have wet her bed until quite recently or maybe still does.

Watersports Fans

Kate Winslet - Repeated references to that scene in Holy Smoke

Shirley Manson (Lead signer of Garbage) - Rumours boosted by the pee in bely button interview. Link: http://www.garbage.net/articles/@juice98-2.htm

Jenny McCarthy - Repeated watersports and desperation on her TV show. Admits to pissing herself and bed in her autobiography (see Weasel's post down the board).

Regular Accident Victims

Britney Spears - rumoured - Photographic evidence supplied by Napolean. Has admitted to pissig herself during her first public performance - albeit age 4.

Sandra Bullock - nothing more than rumours at the moment, although Macualtus's site does have a great video of her dying to pee! No smoke without fire?

Heather Graham - Admitted she "frequently" pees her pants when she laughs, in an interview in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Sarah Paulsen - According to Weasel she told Jay Leno that she wets herself when she gets nervous (Link anyone?)

Alicia Silverstone - Like Sandra Bullock, nothing more solid than a few rumours and people who claim to have close sources etc etc. But again, no smoke without fire?

One off (maybe?) Accident Victims

Michaela Strachan - admitted to peeing herself shooting wildlife program as posted here a few weeks ago (link anyone?)

Jessica Cauffiel - admitted that both her and co-star Jennifer Morrison peed their pants making Urban Legends: Final Cut. Link: http://www.tnmc.org/news/urban2-emjc.html

Patrica Heaton - Admitted she wet her pants when she sneezed during filming of Everybody Loves Raymond. Maculatus has a copy of this video on his site (www.peedesperation.tk) in the videos section.

Elle McPherson - Another video on Maculatus's site, from Saturday Night Live, where she claims (Hysterically) to have wet her pants.

Alejandra Guzman - All these according to Weasels post below.
Carmen Electra
Amy Grant
Demi Moore

Rosie O'Donnell &
Shalom Harlowe - According to this: http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Awful/Archive98/980122d.html

Sally Fields - admitted in a Playboy interview to wetting her pants while filming Posiedon Adventure II.

Julia Roberts - admitted on a tv show she wet herself filming My Best Friend's Wedding.

Paula Abdul - According to wetcop she claimed on her official site that she laughed so hard she wet her cheerleaders uniform at an LA Lakers Game. On another site it is also claimed that a button fell off her shrt, she started laughing at wet herself while running off stage. (links anyone?)

Patty Hearst - I think everyone knows that story.

The only person I can think of for sure would have been the queen mother. At 101 years old I don't think anyone would have any kind of bladder left. But then, thats not really a thought I like!

Feel free to add names to this list, but evidence is needed as well!



Urban Legends: Final Cut


Interview With Eva Mendes & Jessica Cauffiel

Q : Jessica, it must of been great fun playing such an over the top actress. Did you model your character on anyone in particular?


Q : What did you like most about this film?

JC : Jessica. [LAUGHTER] It was a great group of people to work with. The favorite part for me, the greatest thing about being able to play Sandra was doing the films within the film, where she utterly is making a mockery of every... I got to make fun of every actress and all the idiosyncrasies of every actress that's come and gone and done horror films, so the double - - you know, the double irony within that. And I had full freedom, John gave me complete freedom to be as absurd and as physically monstrous, which I'm very capable of, as possible. So that was very funny for me. I actually peed my pants one of the takes we do a movie within a movie. And Jennie peed her pants, and I peed my pants. You'll never know that but a lot of freedom, and that was the best part. And Eva was always very supportive, and kind, and hot. [LAUGHTER]

EM : I like Toronto. I love Canadians. That was my first time ever staying in a city in Canada. And I stayed there for there months. And I love you guys, a really nice town - - people, so it was such - - it - -



Big List of Wet Celebs

Posted by Weasel on August 02, 2002 at 17:01

There are constant requests here on the board for "wet celebrity" tales. The most recent "sighting" involved a British celeb named Michaela Strachan - I think it is still on the board. Over the years I have acquired my own list of incidents which are reliably reported and verifiable rather than just rumor. A lot of good stuff could once be found on Dice's old website, and some of my info comes from that source, though much of it was just gathered here and there. So here's the list:

The closest thing I know of to an outspoken advocate of water sports is American comedienne JENNY McCARTHY, formerly of the MTV series "Singled Out." Dice's old site had a video clip of Jenny and some audience members holding their crotches and leaning back and forth while Jenny shouted: "These girls are peeing in their pants to get the chance!" On one of the shows, the contestants were posed the question: "Water Sports - At the Beach or in the Bedroom?" Jenny began jumping up and down enthusiastically, shouting "Bedroom! Bedroom!" I read a passage in her autobiography where she claims that she was drinking at a guy's house but they conked out before having sex. When they woke up, it was discovered that she had peed in her pants and in the bed - upon which the guy promptly fucked her lights out. So Jenny gives this sensible advice to girls: "If you want to break the ice in a potential sexual relationship, just pee in his bed!" Jenny does other things as well, but those are for the "other board."

In the category of frisky and overtly sexual remarks, there are two classics. One appeared in a Rolling Stone interview with HEATHER GRAHAM, which I have seen myself. The interviewer says: "Is there anything you want to tell us about yourself?" To which Heather replies: "I frequently pee in my pants when I laugh." The interviewer behaved just as we would; he says that he desperately started trying to think of a really funny joke to tell her.

More recently, actress SARAH PAULSEN told Jay Leno that she pees in her pants when she's nervous, and that being on the Leno Show made her nervous. Leno kept up a little verbal game with her about whether she was still dry. Apparently she stayed dry - but apparently she enjoyed the game, too. I didn't see this myself, but there were a number of people who did see it and posted it here. HEATHER and SARAH are obviously aware of the sexual implications of their frisky little comments.

Another girl with wee-wee on her mind is the lovely KATE WINSLET. True, the peeing scene in Holy Smoke was completely staged - but Kate loved to talk about it at every opportunity. She also said, during an interview, that Leo DiCaprio was so funny that he made her wet her pants at least three times during the filming of Titanic. Such remarks are often just figures of speech, but consider this - she has also remarked that during the filming, she spent such long hours standing in the water that she became accustomed to just "letting go."

Dice's old site also included a clip of PATRICA HEATON of the American TV show Everybody Loves Raymond talking about how she peed in her pants during rehearsal as she sneezed. She goes on to say, in a truly joyful voice, that she announced her accident to the whole studio audience!

Country singer SHANIA TWAIN once brought a contest winner onto the stage with her to sing. Asking her if the she was nervous, Shania said "The first time I sang for a big audience, I peed in my pants."

The verdict is still out about ELLE McPHERSON on Saturday Night Live. In the midst of a skit, she bursts into uncontrollable laughter, jumps out of her chair, and shouts: "I think I just wet my pants." Now, the skit was all about a girl who keeps telling her date how totally weird she is, point by point, so it must be admitted that this could have been part of the show. But her leap into the air and sudden gasp did not look faked. Her skit partner (can't remember his name) did a long, jaw-dropping pause before he recovered and came up with a line that brought the skit back on track, so…. Who knows?

Here are a few in the "dreadful accident" category. A poster here recorded a story from a Mexican TV interview in which sultry pop singer ALEJANDRA GUZMAN told of laughing until she peed her pants in a shopping mall with a puddle underneath her dress and children shouting at her, but I don't know if she told it in such a way that she was laughing or portraying a piece of misery. Dice's old site had a bit about CARMEN ELECTRA and AMY GRANT both having accidents, but they seem to have not had a good time at all. Many people have speculated that SANDRA BULLOCK has a big bladder control problem, and several folks here have posted bits from an interview with her in which she admitted to peeing in her pants, but I have forgotten the details.

Finally, here's a very strange tale, but cute. While she was making GI Jane, DEMI MOORE went through Navy Seal training, including standing in freezing water for a long period of time with a bunch of guys from the Seals. She announced: "Hey guys, I just pissed in my pants." To which one fellow replied: "I hope the current is flowing my way."

I have to agree with the gentleman.


Re: Big List of Wet Celebs

Posted by Davy on August 02, 2002 at 18:21

In Reply to: Big List of Wet Celebs posted by Weasel on August 02, 2002 at 17:01

There's always Suzanne Summers who has been quite vocal about her bedwetting until she was 14 and then accidents while an adult. Then there was the Playboy interview with Sally Fields where she admited to wetting her pants several times during the filming of Posiedon Adventure II and then again while her kids were with her in Africa. And of course Julia Roberts on the (I'm going brain dead) show with the comedianne telling about all the times she peed her pants during My Best Friend's Wedding laughing at Rupert Everett. Unfortunately, I think all the talk about Calista Flockhart, Sandra Bullock and Christina Ricci are just very nice fantasies. However, Napolean did convince me about Britney with the clip from Saturday Night Live. Also, Anna Kournakova does have a bladder control problem judging from several pictures I've seen. It's fun to speculate for whatever reason.



Re: Big List of Wet Celebs

Posted by Weasel on August 02, 2002 at 18:36

In Reply to: Re: Big List of Wet Celebs posted by Davy on August 02, 2002 at 18:21

You're not the only one who's going brain dead -- I forgot about the Playboy interview with Sally Field, who has a delightful tendency to volunteer that sort of info without being asked. I didn't know about the Julia Roberts interview -- but it's a beautiful thought. Thanks! Also, I never heard that Suzanne Somers had accidents as an adult after she solved her bedwetting problem.

I agree that the rumors about Christina Ricci and Sandra Bullock are probably just rumors, though I heard one reliable report about an interview with Sandra -- which simply proves she had one accident, but not that she has a bladder problem. As for Calista Flockhart, I haven't even heard the rumors -- but I'd like to.

I've seen the Kournikova pics -- hard to make a judgment call. And I'm still not convinced about Britney.


Michaela Strachan

Posted by PPDebs on July 20, 2002 at 14:03

I've just been watching a program on ITV1 called 'It Shouldn't Happen To A Wildlife Presenter'. It was an out take show revealing wildlife presnters' most embarrasing moments and included interviews with them.

One of the presenters was Michaela Strachan, in one part she revealed how she had to bang her bottom while having a pee because of the amount of mosquitos.

I thought this was probably my lot but I was presently surprised!!

A couple of minutes later they showed a clip where Michaela got stuck in mud flaps while filming waders. The director tried to get her out but got stuck as well. The film crew got her out using planks to walk on and while they got the director out Michaela was laughing when she suddenly said "I'm going to wet my knickers in a minute".
They then went to the interview with Michaela and she said " I couldn't stop laughing and laughed so much (went really coy) I ended up wetting my knickers".

She was wearing tight check trousers, I wouldn't have minded helping out of those after the shoot!!

Luv, PPDebs


Author Topic: Alicia Silverstone definately has wet her pants!!!!...or at least i think


posted July 14, 2002 12:06 AM

Ok heres my evidence.... although the pic outside of Feiro's site is indeed fake, It just as well should be real.

1) In an interview for rolling stone magazine (the one where she was wearing a diaper)
she said that it was her concept for the diapers.

2)She admitted to wetting herself while filming Batman Forever. and I quote "Yeah, wearing the suits were very unconfortable, we had to do take after take.... WITH NO BATHROOM BREAKS!!!! It was real hell, the suits were way too hot, way too confining, on the last week I had one little bathroom incident, but gladly I can say that was all "

3)In another magazine she told about when she was a kid and she would get mad at her brother, he would tickle her until she peed her pants.

There is much more that i am researching, but thats all for now... but after all of that out of her own mouth that she wet herself sometimes so...

give me your feedback on this situation



Detail of real pants wetting accident

Posted by Ted on July 14, 2002 at 21:32

Patty Hearst - Every Secret Thing (This particular title is out of print, but Amazon will try to find it for you second hand - Amazon US only) ...
includes a description of her pants wetting accident when captured by the FBI in the 1970's. It covers the court case (which was given huge media coverage) and tells you about the accident in her own words.

Shana Alexander - Anyone's Daughter: The Times and Trials of Patty Hearst (This title is out of print, but Amazon will try to find it for you second hand - Amazon US only)
... includes several accounts of the above's famous wet pants accident through testimony given at the trial.


Re: Christina Ricci and diapers???? Anyone know?

Posted by Donnie C. on July 08, 2002 at 20:50

In Reply to: Re: Christina Ricci and diapers???? Anyone know? posted by BabyJ on July 08, 2002 at 20:32

Both Silverstone and Somers were bedwetters when they were little. Also, Silverstone did a now-famous AB photo shoot for Rolling Stone.

Ricci was also a bedwetter, and admitted some years ago to still wearing diapers.


Published Account of Patty Hearst Wetting

Posted by Napoleonlll on July 08, 2002 at 10:37

One of the biggest news stories of the mid-1970s was the kidnapping of heiress Patty Hearst (born, 2/20/54), granddaughter of U.S. newspaper tycoon William Randolf Hearst who, in his day, was one of the richest and most powerful men in America. Patty was kidnapped, 2/4/74, by members of a self-styled band of "revolutionaries" who called themselves "The Symbionese Liberation Army" (SLA). Thus began a 19-month odyssey in which Patty supposedly "joined" the group, calling herself "Tania," and participated in bank robberies and other criminal activities. When Patty and the surviving members of the group were finally apprehended, the following account is offered by "The Private Life of Patty Hearst" (details of publication below): On page 49, the sub-heading to the chapter "Apprehended" reads: "It ended not in a blaze of glory but with a whimper from Patty, 'I've wet my pants.'" On pages 62-63: "Now it is all over, ending not in a blaze of gunfire or heroics, but in a rather comic fashion.... In place of the snarling, foul-mouthed Tania, there was a sobbing Patty who had to ask arresting officers for permission to change her panties because she inadvertenly wet herself when she suddenly stared into the business end of a revolver... It was a fitting end for the poor little rich girl turned SLA "soldier." That's it. There are NO pictures of Patty in wet pants. The publication, again, is "The Private Life of Patty Hearst" by John Thomas Church, National Mirror, Inc., 1975, 66 pages. It's really more of a magazine, than a book. I noted with interest that, in a piece that trashes Patty's character from start to finish, they felt that they needed to "soften" the "shock" to the readers of Patty's wetting by using the term "inadvertenly." In 1975, I guess, it was okay to accuse Patty of wanting to kill her mother, but they dared not suggest she would have wet her pants under any but the most extraordinary circumstances! I hope this was of interest.


Angela Bassett pees her panties

Posted by samson on June 29, 2002 at 01:03

In the new issue of PREMIERE, actress Angela Bassett is asked what is was like filming "What's Love Got to Do With it", in which she portrays Tina Turner.

"It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in life in terms of physicality-I mean, I was so tired I literally went to the bathroom and forgot to pull my drawers down." [laughs]


Robin Quivers ( Howard Stern Show )

Posted by Alsoran on June 22, 2002 at 06:22

Anybody hear howard stern on friday, he played a confession game where everyone had to confess two things, Robin confessed the following...

'I have had an accident in my pants as an adult.'' - Robin - She still remembers the day it happened. She was in her car on the way to see Howard at an appearance he was making. She got really sick and couldn't hold it in. She ended up messing her panties and pantyhose. She said it was awful after Howard asked if it was a big load. She said she used tons and tons of paper towels and threw it all away in the garbage in a public restroom. Howard said he couldn't imagine her doing that. Howard went on to talk about how he had a similar problem just a couple of weeks ago. He said he farted and knew something bad had happened. He crapped his gray Calvin Kleins. He said he cleaned them up in his sink. Robin said she wanted to die that day but she did go to see Howard at that appearance.


Posted by Alsoran on June 11, 2002 at 05:18


The trailer doesn't show it, but you have a big romance with Jason Lee (''Almost Famous''). How much fun was that?
We kiss in every scene, I think. All we do is kiss. In the middle of a scene, I asked, ''Are you sick of kissing me?'' And he said, ''Yeah, kind of.'' We're trigger happy with our lips. It was like kissing your male best friend. He's a John Cusack kind of guy, where you think he's goofy, cute, and, ''Omigod, I'm in love with you.'' He made me literally pee in my pants four times. Wait, let me back that up. He ALMOST made me pee in my pants. He does this thing where he turns himself into a human orangutan.

Home Page : jlh


Posted by wetjon on April 26, 2002 at 01:35

26.04.02, 'Popworld', on channel 4,(British show). During a short interview with Ms spears, young male host asked.. "when was the last time you laughed so hard you wee'd....!!!" To which she replied,... without hesitation,... "oh, last week, in Amsterdam ...!!!!!!"

So,it was quite obviously an event which had stayed in her mind ! Also the fact that she was willing to share the experience on TV in front of millions of viewers!!! can we now assume it has happened before ??!! was Napoleon right all this time ??!! watch this space !

Cheers. WJ.


Posted by P-watch on March 16, 2002 at 10:56

In Reply to: Sarah Paulson posted by tommy2tone on March 06, 2002 at 05:41

Thanks for posting, Tommy. I saw the show here on Swedish TV and I rememember she also said something like "I guess I won't be considered very attractive after this" refering to her wetting stories... well, I guess that is not valid for most of us here...


Posted by John on March 15, 2002 at 12:32

Hot canadian singer Damhnait Doyle had a very embarrassing experience while skiing when she went in high school:

"There was one time when I was in high school. I went skiing with my friend Jennifer, who did a crazy move and wiped out really bad. I laughed so hard I peed my pants right there on the hill. I had long johns on under my snow pants and it leaked right through. I ended up throwing the long johns out. There were two guys from my high school there and Jennifer told them everything. That was on a Saturday, and by Monday, everybody at my high school knew."

Home Page : Her embarrassing story


Posted by wetbvds on March 06, 2002 at 12:27

Last night on Jay Leno's show, he had a guest star (can't remember her name) on and she kept making reference to wetting her pants.

Jay was quite intrigued with all of this and he started making reference to wetting his own pants.

The guest kept checking her chair and reassured everyone the it was still dry.

It was a great and light hearted part of the show :)


Posted by One Observer on March 06, 2002 at 13:19

In Reply to: Jay Leno posted by wetbvds on March 06, 2002 at 12:27

I missed it, but according to NBC's Tonight Show website her name was Sarah Paulson from the TV show "Leap of Faith".


Posted by tommy2tone on March 06, 2002 at 05:41

Not a very famous actress yet, but now I sure know who she is - you can check out her movies, shows (currently 'Leap of Faith' on American TV, Thursdays) and pics on the net such as imdb.com...anyway, here is her Jay Leno interview. The way this sounds, I wouldn't believe it myself if I was reading it here, but it really was on last night and I just checked the tape. She is about 26 years old and was wearing a flowing, sheer light red dress:

J: Now this is your first talk show ever
S: Yes. I'm so nervous ... and now I hope that these cushions are absorbent. I have a kind of wetting my pants problem.
J: Is that really a problem for you?
S: No, I really have wet my pants on two separate occasions. Once when I was in the fourth grade and I was really nervous taking a test, and I thought I was going to fail it, and I (clears throat and gestures downwards towards lap) wet my pants and I had to mop it up with loose-leaf paper.
J(expectantly): and the second time?
S: And the second time was years later as an adult, I was doing a movie with Gary Marshall and Diane Keaton who I idolize and who is a genius and very funny, and she made me laugh so hard I (dramatic pause) wet my pants (giggles)
J: And this will be the third time
S: And right now, I'm peeing right now
J: Really?
S: Yeah
J: Well, that's a lovely story


Posted by Allison on February 09, 2002 at 17:18

i just got home from uk pop idol final and saw amazing thing.Nicki Chapman one of the judges had a wet patch on the back of her dress .It was a black dress but i clearly saw a ring of wetness.She appeared very sheepish and would not mix at the end i am sure she wet herself


Posted by Tony on February 07, 2002 at 01:02

In Reply to: Great find! posted by Napoleonlll on February 06, 2002 at 07:03

No, pic #19 doesn't show wetness.


Posted by t.uk on February 06, 2002 at 18:41

In Reply to: Anna Kournikova posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 15:36

right, that's a link for the image itself.

if that doden't work, login with...

username t.uk
password 12345


Home Page : Anna!


Posted by elim on February 06, 2002 at 22:03

In Reply to: Re: Anna Kournikova posted by t.uk on February 06, 2002 at 18:41

thanks, I got to the pic without even using the password!

My opinion: definitely urine.


Posted by anon on February 06, 2002 at 17:06

In Reply to: Anna Kournikova posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 15:36

I think she peed.
- The wetness goes down one leg. That's usually the case when women pee standing up. That was the reason why the wetting scene with Kate Winslet was faked, according to Kate herself. Otherwise it goes down one leg and they did not want that in the scene.
- On the other pictures there are no signs of excessive sweating.
- On the other pictures there is no wetness and suddenly one leg is wet!. This must be an accident due to sudden pressure on the bladder (stress incontinence).
- On other pictures of Anna (I've got over 200) there are no signs of sweat in the crotch


Posted by Jeff on February 06, 2002 at 11:44

In Reply to: Anna Kournikova posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 15:36

My opinion? She wet her pants on the court, without a doubt.


Posted by Napoleonlll on February 06, 2002 at 07:03

In Reply to: Anna Kournikova posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 15:36

Good job! And how about Pic #19 on page 2 where she's congratulating her opponent? I wouldn't have expected to see these on her official site, either, which is why I never bothered to look. My loss, your gain. You can get to the thumbnails (which are quite large) without registering, but you can't enlarge them. Click below, and then click the Adidas event.

Home Page : http://www.kournikova.com/photos/


Posted by Lloyd on February 06, 2002 at 03:18

In Reply to: Anna Kournikova posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 15:36

Sorry guys, the sweat idea just doesn't cut it. If she was that wet from sweat down there, she would be drenched elsewhere, especially given that she's probably wearing knickers (you can't actually see them). I have seen cases where women where sweating heavily and were not as wet in the crotch as these photos. Whatever it is, it's not sweat; I can think of only one thing it can be, and in the heat of the match, she may well have lost it a bit. This would certainly explain the fact that she is almost certainly freshly wet in the first of the two photos. The second, she has had some time to dry, but the wet patch is even more clearly from a wetting, I think.



Posted by JL6 on February 06, 2002 at 05:05

In Reply to: Way too wet for sweat!!! posted by Lloyd on February 06, 2002 at 03:18

It's common among athletes.


Posted by Lloyd on February 06, 2002 at 03:27

In Reply to: Way too wet for sweat!!! posted by Lloyd on February 06, 2002 at 03:18

Go to the Australian Open gallery and look at Pic#9, and you will see there that she is drenched with sweat but her pants are hardly damp (if at all)!


Posted by LeonardP on February 06, 2002 at 09:46

In Reply to: Re: Anna Kournikova posted by Tony on February 05, 2002 at 18:12

Having seen Anna sweat up a green outfit of the same type, I think that this is pee.


Posted by aqua on February 06, 2002 at 10:31

In Reply to: Re: She is defiantely wet, but posted by icupn on February 05, 2002 at 19:42

What's interesting, as someone mentioned above, is that both in pics 7 (the wet one) and pic 4 she seems to have stains....which are dried, in addition to the obvious wetness. What a delight! Hard to think that she didn't wet her pants...


Posted by Sean on February 06, 2002 at 19:35

In Reply to: Re: She is defiantely wet, but posted by aqua on February 06, 2002 at 10:31

She definitely wet her pants there. This is not the first time with her. I heard once that she started crying when they denied her a bathroom break. The earlier pictures dont have the wet stain, so she clearly let go at one point during the match.


Posted by Tony on February 05, 2002 at 18:12

In Reply to: Anna Kournikova posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 15:36

That is wetness (pic #7), for sure (but is it pee?). Pic #4 is interesting as well, showing a very nice faded shape of the stain. Pic #9, however, could show just a dark shadow (you can't see her crotch, alas). I had no problems downloading the pics and opening the files.



Posted by pfan on February 05, 2002 at 18:42

In Reply to: Re: Anna Kournikova posted by Tony on February 05, 2002 at 18:12

...alas, it is not pee. I play tennis quite abit and that area and under your arms is where you sweat the most, and every tennis players underwear is ringing wet after a match. Too bad, it would be sooo cool if she did pee herself!


In Reply to: She is defiantely wet, but.... posted by pfan on February 05, 2002 at 18:42

The fact that the photo is on the "official" Anna Kournikova website probably means two things:

1)It is probably not pee, but
2)It is not a fake either

However, If she were to have an "accident" during the course of play, serving, standing, etc., I think the result would be similar to what the picture shows. In any case, I just hope that the photo opens an eyebrow or two.



Posted by icupn on February 05, 2002 at 19:42

In Reply to: Re: She is defiantely wet, but posted by wetcop on February 05, 2002 at 18:51

Wow! It definately looks as though she has wet her pants! Sure she sweats when she plays but it doesn't all end up in her crotch. I wonder how that got on her official site. Maybe she's one of us! Cool.


Posted by Grant on January 24, 2002 at 17:06

This was in the Daily Sport today...


"Kate Winslet has admitted she had such a Titanic urge to go to the loo at the Golden Globe awards last weekend that she ended up using the mens'room.
Kate, 26, stunned some of the most famous men in Hollywood as she straddled in to the gents to avoid a big queue at the ladies.
"When you've got to go, you've got to go," the Titanic star said. "And I had to go."
But she insisted she hid her face, saying "I didn't look, I didn't!"
Kate reckons she was caught short because her turn on stage meant she could not touch alcohol.
"I was presentng an award right at the end so I was just drinking water," she said on US television.
"And I drank too much water and desperately needed to pee. Right before I had to go on stage."

Apparently, she said this on the Jay Leno show. Did anybody see it? And I'm wondering if she went to pee before or after she presented the award. If it was after the award, I wouldn't mind seeing that awards show just to see how desperate she actually was! I'll just have to make do with picturing a desperate Kate Winslet in my mind!


Posted by timmy on January 24, 2002 at 23:00

In Reply to: Kate Winslet's desperation posted by Grant on January 24, 2002 at 17:06

well lets see we have this incident. We have th e famous Holy smoke scene where she volunteered to do it for real but the producer made some sort of peeing device. And She admitted to just letting go during the water scenes in Titanic. Gotta love her


Little mouse
Member # 157
posted January 02, 2002 09:30 AM
Hi Mike, I wish myself that I could see the glorious sight of Shania Twain wetting herself. Alas, I've only heard of two incidents relating to her wetting herself - one of which she has confessed to, and the other is a bit vague.
She admitted to her audience at a live concert that she wet herself when she was 16 while playing live to a group of people -ie- 20years ago! At the time of her confession, she had asked a 16 year-old girl to go up on stage with her and Shania said it to probably calm the girl's nerves. I don't know if it worked!
The vague incident was something that was posted at Wet Set a year or so ago. It was said that during an interview that Shania had spoken about a laughing incident with her sister which caused her to wet herself. She made some comment about the "yellow stuff in her knickers", or something to that effect, supposedly. I did ask for more information from the person who posted it at the time, but nothing more was said about it. I would like to know more about this interview and what Shania said, and it would be interesting to know how long ago it happened, if it really did happen.
So there you go, Mike, you'll just have to visualise the erotic sight of Shania wetting herself! It is one of my favourite fantasies.
Maybe someone can find wet photos of her somewhere on the net...


Posted by Anon on January 01, 2002 at 16:43

Runners World (Dutch edition), January 2002, number 1.
In this Dutch magazine there is an interview with lesbian Dutch athlete Irma Heeren, born April 16, 1967. I made a translation, but English is not my native language.

"I think crossing is great. During the summer, I'm already looking forward to winter: soon I can enjoy crossing again. It's the bad circumstances, the elements that attract me. I think it's just great. Snot in your eyes. I can go far. So far that it's not really healthy any more. During The Four Miles of Groningen I perhaps went too far. I felt urine running down my legs. Embarrassing? The outside world does not interest me that much. I nearly passed out after the race. It was a combination of things. Slight distortion of the pelvis, more pressure on my bladder."

Home Page : Picture of Irma Heeren


Posted by shane on December 31, 2001 at 21:11

I could hardly believe my ears last night as i was watching
tv last night
it was new years eve and the channel 10 i think was doing a documentery on some comics,, and various stand up type commedians,, well a very loverly looking well known girl of about 25-30 years old came on ,,,{elle macfeast]
they asked her what she did when younger to make people laugh,,or what was it the made you laugh when you were young

her reply was;;; i came frome a family were i was the only girl, i had 3 boystrus brothers,, and one of the things they did to me when i was younger to make me laugh was?????/
they would slowly get me to the floor and tickel me ,,that part was funny she said,,, but they would lick my face repeatly and tickel me until i wet my pants ,little brats she said.....then she went on to onther question
but it was just a shock hearing this ,,as she was telling it openly and realy did not care i spose what others thought
happy new year every one


Posted by Ann on December 26, 2001 at 10:14

I was viewing a morning interview show. The news woman

was talking to a man about his pet snake, he open the

cage and it jumped out at her. She got a funny look

she said "I just wet myself" The crew was all laughing.

She said I'm not kidding. There was a break and when

she came back for the rest of the show she had a blanket

over her lap.


Posted by anon on December 19, 2001 at 22:29

Holy Crap, I was just sitting watching tv with my wife doing the remote, she tuned in this Christmas concert show. Three girls singing on stage, one wearing a Santa Claus miniskirt type of thing, very sexy! They were singing on a stage outside, it was cold, and you could see their breath. Anyhow, this one girl singer, she had like red hair, and she was wearing very tight pink jeans with a heavy winter coat, but it did not extend down past her butt. Anyhow, they’re up there three of them sort of singing and dancing on stage, and I notice the girl in the pink jeans keeps sort of tugging at her coat, like to pull it down. During a bump and grind dance move, the camera showed her butt for a second, and damn if she didn’t have a big wet spot right from her crotch up about halfway up her butt. With all the Napoleon stuff, I never paid much attention, I mean, obviously they’re not gonna show a girl who peed her pants, but a couple times I got a good look. I was convinced already, but then my wife said “Hey, that girl in the pink looks like she wet her pants.”
So I thought I would share it with you. Naturally, upon seeing this wetness, my wife changed the channel, so be sure to watch your Christmas shows! I know I will.


Posted by p.pisces on November 25, 2001 at 06:33

Hello people, I have recently come accross the following two snippets of pee related news from the wonderful world of music... Enjoy!

"Garbage drummer Butch Vig is on the mend following a brush with Hepatitus A. Apparently his hands are not up to the task after time away from the sticks, and following the advice of Foo Fighter and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, is peeing on his hands in the shower to toughen them up... (can anyone enlighten us on how this works!?)
The following comes from and interview with Macy Gray in the November issue of Rolling Stone magazine...(discussing her penchant for wild and unexpected behaviour)
"I was just turning into a vagabond. I was at a club with a friend of mine and I peed on myself.I just didn't want to go to the bathroom."
Thats fine with us Macy....


Posted by Brendan on December 09, 2001 at 15:10

In the DVD of "Moulin Rouge", under the section titled "on the backstage", it is possible to see a few seconds in which Nicole Kidman put a hand behind her butt and keeps moving it faster and faster, and say: "Oh my god, i just did it on my own!". I think there is no doubt she pooped herself. Can anyone that owes that DVD see that scene and confirm what i say? Thanks.


Posted by Davy on November 11, 2001 at 16:20

In Reply to: Ally Mcbeal posted by STEVE on November 11, 2001 at 12:43

Back a year or so ago someone reported on this forum that Calista Flockhart was a bedwetter until she was 23. She supposedly admitted it in an interview about her supposed eating disorders.



Posted by TV interviews on October 26, 2001 at 15:00

On august 14, 1999 MTV Europe broadcasted an interview with Sandra Bullock on the show "Fanatic". A fan of Sandra was given the opportunity of interviewing the actress he so admired. He asked her what her most embarrassing moment was. She hesitated a moment but then said "Okay" and then told him this story about a date she once had. She was on a small boat with two guys and they drank a couple of beers. It was a small boat and there was no toilet on board, but after a while she realized that she badly needed one. When the guy was outside the cabin she thought "Oh my God I really have to pee!" She then convinced him that it was really serious and that he had to bring her back ashore. When they finally reached the shore she jumped out and ran for a place to pee. See came across a very deep hole but fell in. Than she realized she had fallen into some kind of sewer. The interview went on. Bullock: "When I was back in the car I wet my pants, so I was not only smelling from the sewage, but you know...." She had to ask her date to bring her back home so that she could change. She told the interviewer that after this accident she did not date anymore. She only goes out with people she already knows well.

I would love to see this scene again. I've posted this before on this board, but nobody seemed to have seen it. I can't find anything of this interview on Sandra Bullock Fan sites. It would be great if someone could try to get a copy of the interview and post a capture of the scene.


Posted by timmy on October 25, 2001 at 17:35

Last night on The Howard Stearn Show on E! Jennifer Cole the cute cohost of the game show sexwars. Was talking about a bedwetting accident she had when she was 21 she talked a good 5 minutes about it and Howard was visably turned on. She went in to great detail. when the segment ended I imediatly turned off the TV knowing it wouldn't get any better.

Home Page : sexwars


Posted by mexwet on October 15, 2001 at 00:48

This beautiful (now I love Her) comedy actress (33) Consuelo Duval pointed 2 weeks ago in a broadcasted chat session, answering to the typical (often pee related answer) question: "Which has been your worst in public?" -It was during a tour, in a theatre with 1500, me wearing a bikini, I totally pissed myself! I am an inconinent pisser!
-Later, another question "Which has been your worst on TV?"
-"they wont (dare) broadcast it, but I also pissed myself while taping a comedy"

For those who are in Mexico, a transcription of this session comes in thius month issue of the TVyNovelas Magazine.


Pippig began the race with stomach cramps that would only worsen. The women's lead changed between Pippig, Fujimura, American Kim Jones, Biktagirova, Jiliaeva and Loroupe. By 30 kilometers, as they started the hills of Newton, a rejuvenated Loroupe passed a laboring Pippig. At the 24-mile mark Loroupe had a 30-second lead; however that's when Pippig began listening to the cheers of the crowd telling her she could win.

Pippig at this point was experiencing severe stomach pains, menstrual cramps and diarrhea. She had many times earlier in the race considered dropping out because the pain was so intense.

"They told me that I was not too far behind and to 'go' because I could catch her," Pippig said. "I thought I could not catch Tegla. She was too far away. But some energy came back, and I was flying. I think it was the desire to win even with the little problems I had."


Rock 'n Roll Marathon
by Sara Moore
I love the story of Uta Pippig's victory in the 1996 Boston Marathon. I was in graduate school at the time, reading about her victory over cereal and The New York Times in my Ann Arbor co-op. She won despite having severe menstrual cramps and diarrhea, and had to be hospitalized for three days after the race. Yet she was still described as "running with joy."

Now that's pure athleticism, I thought. That's grit. Three years later, I experienced the Boston Marathon in person, high-fiving runners at mile 23 on Beacon Street. Watching elite runners and personal friends alike conquer the race was an inspiration that stayed with me.

My own marathon opportunity came when a friend asked me if I wanted to run the 2000 Rock 'n Roll Marathon in San Diego. "That sounds like fun," I blurted, and we both signed up before we could change our minds.



Blood, Guts, and Glory:
Female Athletes and Menstrual Taboos
by Traci Mercer

When reading the article "When Being Female isn't Feminine: Uta Pippig and the Menstrual Communication Taboo in Sports Journalism," regarding Uta Pippig's 1996 Boston Marathon run written by Dr. Elizabeth A. Kissling, I was amazed at the personal strength and commitment of Uta.

Not many women would allow themselves to be seen in such a "repulsive" state. Having blood and feces running down your body as you are trying to run and stay focused would provide a huge internal battle between self-pity, embarrassment, strength, and commitment. Even more so, I am amazed that newspapers would feel confident in reporting the results of the race without even mentioning the obvious physical condition of the favored runner throughout the race.

This instance is yet another example of the prevalent "gate keeper" role the media plays in sexuality and sexual taboos of female athletes as Dr. Kissling discussed in her paper. "Media bias against women athletes has been well documented..." (Kissling, 2).

If this condition had been present for a male runner, for instance with diarrhea and vomit running down his body from the flu or
simply nervous, would the media have handled the coverage differently? I suspect if this condition had been present in the male athlete the headlines would have read "No Guts, No Glory," or a similar play on words as a catchy headline. Why could not these same reporters have handled Uta's situation similarly? With headlines like, "Blood, Guts, and Glory" or "Uta kicked the Shit out of the competition and herself" these headlines are examples of a more catchy and positive way of presenting the facts of the race.

Although I am not a news journalist, I think being up front and accurately presenting the facts to the readers is what should have taken place. "This coverage provides a rare look at how menstruation is constructed, and erased, in sports journalism" (Kissling, 1). The articles Dr. Kissling mentioned in her paper that failed to report the physical conition of the winner avoided or "tip-toed" through what really happened that day for Uta and for female athletes alike.

The media's obvious avoidance to Uta Pippig's menstruation and the effects on her run contributed even more to society's current taboo of discussing menstruation and female athletes.


Posted by Marathon Man on September 09, 2001 at 12:53

I know of 5 pants pooping accidents in sports, which have been broadcasted on TV during the years. It would be great if someone could order a video of this scenes from TV broadcasters and post a capture somewhere.

In 1982 triatlete Julie Moss crawled to the finish line with here pants clearly wet and loaded during the Hawaii Iron Man triathlon. This was at the beginning of triathlon history and it made this sport famous all over the world. There was also a discussion here on National German TV in which an expert stated that Julie moss sort of became paralyzed from exhaustion and that this caused here bladder and sphincter to give up. I've also read an interview in a book about triathlon where Julie Moss described the finish. She was crawling to the finish and felt that she needed the bathroom badly and: 'whooosh!, I could skip that out of my mind'. ABC originally broadcasted this triathlon and should have it in its archives.

Also in 1982 Marathon athlete Carla Beurskens was leading the women's marathon of Athens. She was given a diuretic pill before the race because she was constipated. In stead of doing its job before the race the pill started to work during the race and this made her do poo-poo in her pants. A newspaper started an article about this race with' running with your pants loaded is not easy. That was what Carla Beurskens found out during the female marathon in Athens yesterday'. I've also read an interview with Carla Beurskens where she described how she had to stop running for a while and could only go on after she had cleaned herself a bit with pieces of news paper which where handed over by supporters along the course.

In 1985 and 1986 Grete Waitz won the New York marathon with her pants loaded. In her autobiography World Class there is a chapter about toilets. She writes: 'in 1984 I squatted between two parked cars. In 1984 and in 1985 I just kept running despite the fact that my diarrhea was broadcasted on national TV all over the world. But I was to concentrated on running to be embarrassed about it'. On this board someone who saw this race wrote that she was running with a roll of toilet paper in one hand, and the announcers mentioned that she had had diarrhea all the day and night before. She kept pulling at the bottom of her running outfit, pulling it away from her body like she was going to just poop it out into the open or something.

In 1998 Catherina McKiernan seriously pooped her shorts half way the London Marathon and crossed the finish line with poop smeared all over her legs. It was all on TV for an hour or so. As she crosses the finish line she looked down and sees the mess and begs the officials to find something to cover it. The TV coverage did not hide anything! Links:


Posted by LeonardP on September 09, 2001 at 14:21

In Reply to: Poopy accidents on TV posted by Marathon Man on September 09, 2001 at 12:53

There was a marathon runner in the Seoul Olympics who took second behind Rosa Mota. She had messed herself and the camera showed it fairly clearly before radically moving off the shot. She was an Aussie runner and wore her warmup for the after race interview. A nice looking sheila...


Posted by Marathon Man on September 09, 2001 at 14:41

In Reply to: Re: Poopy accidents on TV posted by Dirtybum John on September 09, 2001 at 13:50

Carla Beurskens told a journalist that that she pooped in her pants 3 times during the race. It did not give her much relieve though; She claims that she lost the race because of the pill she took.


Posted by Sean on August 11, 2001 at 19:29

Just a quick update on Lizzie Grubman, the 30 year old PR Maven who mowed down 16 people in reverse with her Mercedes SUV. Someone reported that the reason why she left the scene was because she went into shock and wet and messed her pants.

The Daily News on Friday interviewed her good friend Tara Reid, the American Pie Beauty, and she said "I know it sounds ridiculous, but she was there for ten minutes. She had a panic attack and had to leave."

I have had panic attacks, and I have wet my pants during them and come close to messing myself...so it is plausible that she did pee and mess her pants.


Posted by IPee4Me on August 01, 2001 at 23:02

In Reply to: Celeb Wetting posted by Jimmy on August 01, 2001 at 22:39

Paula Abdul wets her pants. I saw her on Jay Leno a few years back. He asked her why she bows out of so many public appearances, and she matter of factly said "you know about my bladder problem right"

Then she went on to discuss how before she steps on stage to preform or to a public appearance she pees her pants. She stated none of her dancers want to be partnered with her because she is always wetting her pants.

So, a few weeks after that chat. Paula Abdul was a guest on Jay Leno again. Only this time she was there to preform not chat. She wore a black leather jacket, black fish-net hose, and bright pink hot pants.

Low and behold, the butt of her hot pants were darker than the rest of them. She had did it again, she had peed her pants.


Pee Time

Dear Ted:
All I can say is, EEEWWW!!! Rosie O'Donnell peeing in her pants is a visual I didn't need. But, look, if you're going to report on such a subject, how about the time supermodel Amber Valletta was on The Tonight Show and Jay Leno asked her about having fun on MTV's House of Style. She said on the first day of taping, Shalom Harlowe peed in her pants!
Russell Thomas
Dear Russell:
I can see by reporting that little "accident" Tori Spelling had with her down comforter, not to mention Rosie's golden moment alongside Barbara Walters, that I've begun a trickle, so to speak.

Can't say I'm anxious to hear 'em, Onliners, but if you dare, feel free to send me more stories on the liquid that dare not speaketh its name (until recently, that is).



What were some of the most memorable moments behind the scenes of Suburbia?

I was terribly in love with this girl Maggie, she's the girl with the dreadlocks, and I remember one day I saw her striped red underwear and I was so amazed. One night we were shooting the scene around the campfire with Maggie and something really funny happened and she laughed so hard, she peed in her pants, and that really made me fall in love with her.

There's this myth that you were in Black Flag for a moment. Is that true?

I played with Greg Ginn before, but I was never actually a member of Black Flag. I played with The Circle Jerks and The Weirdos.

You were in The Weirdos?

Not in the original one, but much later on just for fun.



Marlene Dietrich

The Devil Is a Woman
Blonde Venus
The Scarlet Empress
For Marlene, playing a "lady" always meant a black velvet suit with a ruffled silk blouse as one of her costumes.

Paramount insured her legs for $1 million.

In June 1939, Marlene became a U.S. citizen (and shed three years off her actual age).

Marlene had a Cadillac custom-designed to fit her sleek, femme fatale image. It was so long that it couldn't fit into the garage.
Whenever Marlene laughed really hard, she wet her pants.

Although Marlene and her husband Rudi Sieber were married for more than 50 years, their sexual relationship stopped the day Marlene found out she was pregnant.

At the Hollywood Canteen, Marlene infuriated Bette Davis by spending all her time scrubbing pots in the kitchen when Bette wanted her to be glamorous with the boys.


Posted by Calypso15 on July 30, 2001 at 10:31

Lizzy Grubman's defense for leaving the accident scene in Southampton (she backed into a line of club goers with her SUV, injuring many) is apparently that she "went into a state of shock and subsequently urinated and defecated in her pants while leaning against her vehicle". Her attorneys have a statement from friends who then drove her home "... to change her soiled clothing and then return her to the scene"


Posted by TooLate on July 28, 2001 at 12:03

Flicking through sky digital yesterday and suddenly on living channel I heard those words "I wet myself".
It was Yvette fielding (ex blue peter)her story was
" I wet myself when I was 16 I was coming home from school and I just started going I had on knickers & tights with chunky tights on top and floor length skirt My mate held up my skirt and I stood in the high street wetting myself everyone could see"
I was glad to spot


Posted by Smunc on July 13, 2001 at 03:07

In Reply to: Celebrity accidents posted by Ben on July 12, 2001 at 13:27

If you managed to save the Sunday magazine from the notoriously shit tabloid News of the World, you can read about olympic swimmer and presenter Sharon Davies becoming incontintent after having her first child. In the end she had to have keyhole surgery to have it fixed.


Posted by Mattie on July 12, 2001 at 07:59

Just seen an interview with Miss Mae on MTV UK in which she tells a story of playing a practical joke on a fellow performer, which involved placing a whoopee cushion on his chair on stage. Apparently this incredibly funny gag reduced her to the hysterical laughter state that meant she wet her pants in the wings of the theatre. An amazing admission to make in what was just a short interview to plug her latest single!
Keep looking guys there's more out there!!


Posted by kevin on July 08, 2001 at 06:20

In Reply to: Celebrity accidents? posted by Steph on July 08, 2001 at 04:34

I heard the singer fiona appleton accidently wet her self on stage once, when it happened she just stopped singing and walked off stage, now i admit not sure how true this is.

Another star (sporty spice) from the spice girls it seems wet and messed her self on stage at a concert in london again not 100% sure how accurate this is.


Posted by carl on June 24, 2001 at 06:37

Saturday night in Portland, Ore. I saw a female singer wet her dress on stage and then run off the stage crying. The funny thing is that she didn't show any signs of being desperate before it happened. Needless to say, the band ended the set at that time!


Posted by pee-peeboy on June 17, 2001 at 07:58



Posted by Donnie C. on May 20, 2001 at 14:16

I read on a newsgroup posting that the mediocre French Canadian singer is incontinent and wears diapers. Someone else referred to a "shuffling" walk she has that may be caused by her "secret". Anyone else with info?


Posted by Holly on May 09, 2001 at 14:06

I was watching TV tonight (a digital channel in the UK) and there was a discussion about the perils of being desperate in public with no toilet in sight, particularly after clubbing.

Anyway Yvette Fielding, a former Blue Peter presenter(sorry only UK posters will have heard of her)admitted that she had wet her knickers big time in the street when she was a teenager, after laughing too much.

Anyway, there then followed an animated and enthusiastic discussion about accidents. Hooray, I'm not alone!!!

Holly x


Posted by Christie Hewitt on April 10, 2001 at 16:57

Whilst watching planet pop on channel 4 (UK) on tuesday morning they were interviewing a female D.J, i forget her name. They asked her what her most embarrising story was, she said it was when she missed the plane to a gig in Scotland with Paul Oakenfold, and had to take the coach. Half way through her journey she needed a pee so she went to the toilet on the coach, the only problem was that she was so tired from getting up early, that she forget to put the seat up. She pissed all over the seat and then all over her clothes. She also said that she was unable to stop once she had started. She said she soaked her jeans and socks, and from now on always carries a spare pair of panties and jeans just in case it happens again.


Posted by Paulypeeps on April 01, 2001 at 00:58

In Reply to: Re: EDITH PIAF posted by Harry Despers on March 31, 2001 at 15:21

From what I have read about Edith Piaf she used to drink a fair bit and she was not able to control her bladder because of intoxication. I don't think that she peed on stage deliberately but there are plenty of reports that say she has wet herself on stage while performing.

It would appear that Jane Horrocks is quite an enthusiast for wetting herself as she even managed to wet herself on stage in every performance of MacBeth she did at Greenwich while playing lady MacBeth. Perhaps she will get a wetting in one of her films now that she is a hollywood superstar. It would have been nice to see one in little voice.



Posted by Donnie C. on April 01, 2001 at 03:32

Just read on a board called "The Toilet" a rumor about "The Brady Bunch." Allegedly, the cameramen were to avoid any accidental shots up the Brady girls' skirts - but only when they were wearing pantyhose. If they were wearing regular knickers it didn't matter. The reason? Supposedly, in an early episode, Eve Plumb (Marcia!) had a messy accident in her hose that showed up on film. Of course, this was edited out before it got to TV. The producers thought that an accident wouldn't be as obvious under panties. (Perhaps Miss Plumb had bowel problems?)

Please note that the above is just a rumor. Now, let's see someone make a good story from it!!


Posted by Me on April 01, 2001 at 11:17

In Reply to: Marcia Marcia Marcia! posted by Donnie C. on April 01, 2001 at 03:32

You fuckin crackhead, Eve Plumb played Jan, not Marcia. Marcia was played by Maureen McCormick ...


Posted by Dookiemann on April 01, 2001 at 05:26

In Reply to: Marcia Marcia Marcia! posted by Donnie C. on April 01, 2001 at 03:32

I don't know, but if she peed/pooped her pants in front of me, I think a spanking would be in order. Seriously though, that could be the case. I saw an episode of Gilligans Island where Ginger actually pees herself. I'm serious! The three girls are talking in the Howell's hut when Ginger raises a leg (very casually) and the next thing I saw was a wet spot the size of a dime. I don't remember which episode, and you really have to look for it. Actually, it wasn't much to get excited about. I just wish I could have been on the set to see the aftermath!


Posted by Lloyd on March 27, 2001 at 04:54

Another review of Exposed.

I once wrote a small critique on the wetting scene in Exposed, with Nastassia Kinski and have only now finally managed to track down another copy of the movie which I've bought through Amazon.

My original critique is on the Pee Movie List at Patches Place, if you want to read it, but I thought you'd be interested in what I've found out since getting the new copy.

I don't have the equipment to copy the scene, but I really encourage anyone who can, to watch it - there have been many who have claimed that the wetness was just sweat, but I'm now sure it isn't.

In the scene concerned, Elizabeth Carlson (Kinski) is a newly successful model, and is drinking wine, getting drunk and solo dancing around her apartment to the "Shoop-Shoop Song" (It's in his kiss). She is wearing a white midriff top, long-sleeved and V-necked, semi-shiny red shell pants with a scrunched waist. There is a little bagging in the back that sometimes gives the impression of a black hi-cut g-string under the pants, but in other shots, it's quite obvious she is wearing white hi-cut bikini panties under the shell pants. She has bare feet. Throughout the whole of the scene, the texture of the material shows some reflection of the light in the room, but not enough to account for wetness. She is dancing quite eroticly, grinding her hips and at one point rubbing her open crotch up and down a vertical ceiling support post.

She has been riding an exercise bike, which is why some have said that the wetness between her legs is probably sweat, but throughout the scene, she is kicking and dancing, showing her crotch area quite frequently, and no matter what I do to the picture, I can't manage to find a damp or discoloured area there throughout the scene. On the other hand, I have managed to play with the picture, colour and brightness to the extent that I can now see clearly into shadowed areas to distinguish shadow from wetness. Up until the very end of the scene, there is simply no wetness in her crotch.

At the end of the scene, she is dancing in front of her full-length mirror, draining her wine glass, twirling, and then throwing the empty glass with a crash into the kitchen area as she dances toward the mirror.

The scene then momentarily cuts to her standing in front of the mirror, hugging herself and slowly sidling up to it. I believe the momentary cut was necessary for Nastassia to ready herself for the wetting part of the scene to follow. As she reaches the mirror, she stands on her left leg, bending sideways slightly to the left at her waist and crossing her right thigh over her left in what for most of us here would be a classic pee-holding position. She then rotates in this position, somewhat awkwardly, and reaches behind her to lean and support her self on the mirror as she faces the camera. As she rotates, she reaches up to her face with her left hand, then slightly overbalances, reaching out with her left hand to the frame of the mirror, leaving her face exposed, showing a somewhat pained (or pleasured?) expression. It looks at this point, that she is probably at least leaking into her pants. She slides down the mirror, still holding onto it behind her with her right hand, and releasing her left which goes first to her left thigh and hip then across to the front of her pants, where she grabs the material around the front seam and pulls up on it, all the while with the pained expression playing across her face and muttering to herself. To this point, her thighs are tightly pressed together and there is nothing to be seen of any wetness as she slides to the bottom of the mirror to sit briefly on the wooden base it stands on. There is a slight darkness in her crotch as she sits there but it's indistinguishable from shadow.

She suddenly grimaces, baring her teeth in a further show of her physical feelings, and slides to the floor, finally parting her thighs. She sits momentarily on her left heel, thrusting out her right leg, then stretches her arms up the mirror, throwing out her left leg at the same time. She leans her head and shoulders against the mirror base and kicks her left leg up to kick the mirror above her head. In freeze frame, during this movement, there is no especially obvious wetness. Her crotch is dark and this can no longer be attributed to shadow, but a small amount of shininess on the material in the shadow there looks to indicate some wetness, but not much.

She is now leaning back, half lying against the mirror base, her legs partially crossed with her left knee raised and her hands up to her head. She lets her left leg fall and her thighs fall open; for an instant, while her crotch area seems slightly darker, it is not noticeably wet - there is still no noticeable shininess there, although the darkness probably is wetness. Then, suddenly, over the next five frames obvious shiny wetness appears at the centre of the darkened area in her crotch, on the right side of the centre seam. A few frames later, and the wetness appears on the left side of the centre seam also, while the right side becomes even more noticeably wetter. While this is going on, the actress is now looking down at herself with a half-pained, half-disgusted look on her face, the character obviously aware that she has peed her pants. This part of the scene is interesting as you can see the actress-eye view of all this in the mirror behind her, showing the view down her body to her lap, past her head. Both views show the actress first slightly pulling the fabric against her front, then pulling up on the waistband of her pants as she looks down at her wet pants. She then pulls her top down over the front of her pants, and in the mirror, you can see that she is blocking her view of her wet pants with the stretched fabric of the top. Again the disgusted look, less pained now, her legs are still splayed, showing the now very obvious darkened and shiny wet patch in her pants. There is even a clear run of dark and shiny wetness a couple of inches down the inside of her right thigh, although the darkness I initially took to be wetness down her left thigh is now clearly shadow.

The actress finally slips to the floor, splaying her thighs one last time, and moving the material of her crotch to yet again highlight the wetness there, and the scene fades with her passing out on the floor more or less in exhaustion. Running the tape backwards and forwards in slow motion, the wetness seems to almost instantly appear on her crotch and then grow over what is only about a second of real time. I believe this totally precludes the idea that she has not actually peed her pants at this point. She is clearly already wet, but the real wetting happens when she splays her legs for all to see. Without the benefit of a VCR, it would only be a fleeting impression and I'm sure artisticly, that's what was meant to be, but with the aid of freeze frame and slow motion, it is obvious that this is a wetting, and there is clearly no way that it could be faked as any water bags or other contraptions would be obvious under this outfit. Besides which, Nastassia Kinski is a method actor, and would have insisted on a real wetting for this scene.

Please get yourselves a copy of this movie if you can. I got the last one available at Amazon, and that was after I put in an order for one, so I know that copies are hard to get, but it's worth it to see one of the most well-known actresses of our time deliberately pee her pants on screen! The outfit alone is enough to see!!

Hope this has been worth reading.



Posted by dampdenim on February 20, 2001 at 14:29

Found this report at http://www.cm.nu/~shane/lists/destin-1998-03/0036.html. Enjoy!

The quotation comes from an old article in the Globe and Mail (which is one of Canada's most respected newspapers). Here is the full bibliographic reference: Ray Conlogue,
"Rich and famous, that's nice", Globe and Mail, April 7, 1992, pp. E1, E2. In one part of this article, Celine discusses making the miniseries "Des fleurs sur la neige."

Brace yourselves, guys. In the following excerpt, Celine's remarks are very unusual...but they are also very funny!

She recalls her sole foray into acting so far, a miniseries she did a couple of years ago in which she played an abused woman. "There was a scene where I had fun because this guy was running after me. I felt goosebumps all over my body, and cold, and I cried for real while running because I was really afraid. I really became that person," she says, reliving the excitement and strange power of acting.

"You know, maybe it's bad to talk about this, but it's natural and human and I have to tell you. When I was running - you know when you're so afraid that you pee your pants? Is there a way to say that in English that's not vulgar? Well, anyway, I swear it's true."


Posted by grahm norton on February 09, 2001 at 18:08

yet again there is wetting refs on uk tv
graham norton actualy asked anneka rice if she actualy did wet herself AND SHE DENIEAD IT, WITH A REEDDENING FACE,


Posted by Lenni on February 08, 2001 at 02:28

Without doubt the Queen of celebrities who wet themselves is Denise Van Outen, from Uk TV show the big breakfast. She has admitted live on air to wetting herself when out one night, she also fell backwards off a stool live on air grabbed her crotch and said "I've just wet myself". When playing characters on the show she has also pretended these characters were desperate for the toilet. Is there anyone else so openly into wetting on tv?


Posted by Grant on February 08, 2001 at 17:43

In Reply to: Wet Celebs posted by Lenni on February 08, 2001 at 02:28

Has anyone got a video of Denise wetting herself on the programme?
On the subject of wet celebrities, the best one for me has to be (if it is true) Belinda Carlisle wetting herself in a bed during a video shoot.


Posted by Me on February 08, 2001 at 02:32

In Reply to: Wet Celebs posted by Lenni on February 08, 2001 at 02:28

Gail Porter admitted on dotcom tv that she had wet herself when younger when someone tickled her.


Posted by Christie Hewitt on February 07, 2001 at 14:48

If anyone read the Sun newspaper today (UK), you may have noticed that in the exclusive story with former Atomic Kitten Kerry, that she wet herself when finding out she was pregnant. I quote: "when the test was positive i was so stunned that i wet myself, then i started laughing hysterically."
She also mentioned in last month's SKY Magazine (also UK) that the first thing she would do if she were a bloke is pee standing up, as when she attempts it "it always goes down my legand gets my knickers wet, and there have been a number of times when i have been wearing wet knickers"
She also revealed that one of the girls in atomic kitten dared her £100 that she wouldn't pee herself, so she did. She didn't mention what she was wearing though.
Into watersports - what do you think?


Call me undependable
Accident-prone: Ally Sheedy and Jason Priestley spill. Plus: He may be slick and oily, but Jesse was no SEAL. And: Gwynnie sings!

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Amy Reiter

Dec. 6, 1999 | No. 1 on my list of actresses whose clothes I don't want to borrow: Ally Sheedy.

In an "Intimate Portrait" of the erstwhile Brat Packer, which airs Monday night on Lifetime, Sheedy cops to a pesky little incontinence problem.

The actress' bladder troubles hit while she was shooting "The Autumn Heart," with Tyne Daly as her mother. In one particularly emotional scene, Sheedy's character had to enter a room and find her mom dead.

"We shot it three times, and every time I shot that scene ... I just peed all over myself," confesses Sheedy. "The first time, I used the blow-dryer, thinking 'Whoa, I must be really into the part or something.'"

After the second take, she says, folks on the set started to wonder, "What the hell is her problem. She has no bladder control."

"The third time," she giggles, "was just ridiculous."

Daly, however, is very supportive of her co-star's damp acting style. The death scene, she asserts, was very intense. "If she had to pee in her pants, that's what she had to do. It's OK with me."

Yeah, but was it OK with wardrobe? Depends.


Dominique Swain
This was sent to me by Alsoran

Q: Apparently you also get girl-on-girl action in 'Mary Jane's Last Dance'.

A: That was a lot of fun: I enjoy scenes where I'm allowed to express myself sexually. I play the college sexual icon, a very promiscuous girl, and end up having a relationship with everyone in sight. We had raucous parties, and the director would choose the extras and say, "OK, here's your woman for the night," and they'd be terrifed. I was fine with it; I'm open to anything. I think everyone should enjoy every moment that they experience. In the movie, one of my roommates dies mysteriously, and Taye Diggs is a detective trying to unravel the mystery. Rachel True and I did one scene where we were supposed to charm Taye Diggs into getting off the case. We end up having this encounter in front of him, and the director told us to flash him at the same time. I lifted my shirt, and he just looked on. I couldn't handle it because I didn't know how to react--at all. I have no idea what was going on in his mind; he's one of the hardest people to figure out. I laughed so hard, I peed ! on the floor.


In Reply to: sports woman wetting posted by ted on January 11, 2001 at 08:51

A famous wetting athlete I've written about many times here is an Australian marathon runner named Lisa Martin-Ondieki, who has been seen to wet her running briefs almost every time she runs. She is big on hydration (like me!:)) and has even peed her briefs standing waiting for the start. The last time I saw her run, she had peed her Australian green running briefs quiet obviously, and was the only member of the group who had done so. Most women and men both wet their pants in marathons - they are just too long not to, and given the amount they drink, I'm sure they would damage themselves severely if they were silly enough to try to hold it, especially since they are all so wet from sweat, water drenchings, etc. It just doesn't make sense to not pee, does it?



Posted by Me on February 08, 2001 at 02:32

In Reply to: Wet Celebs posted by Lenni on February 08, 2001 at 02:28

Gail Porter admitted on dotcom tv that she had wet herself when younger when someone tickled her.


In Reply to: ??? posted by steven on January 10, 2001 at 07:47

1) Suzanne Somers was a bedwetting child, and has lent her name to charities devoted to treatment of this problem. Somers discusses her enuresis extensively in her autobiography.

2) Doris Day (remember her?) in her autobiography describes a wetting accident she had as a little girl, during a talent show. She also admits to having "nervous diarrhea" during her early days as a big-band singer, and alludes to wearing diapers (the band members called her "Miss Jutt-Butt").

3) Sandra Bullock is said to have urinary incontinence.

4) Christina Ricci is supposedly a bedwetter.

5) There are persistent rumors that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are both still in diapers. (There's a pic on the net in which one of the girls has a decidedly puffy bottom.)

6) Jenny McCarthy mentions in her bio having a messy accident in her school uniform, and that she has chronic diarrhea.

7) Alicia Silverstone did a pictorial for Rolling Stone in which she was an adult baby, including wearing diapers.

8) Cindy Williams ("Laverne & Shirley") is either bowel incontinent or messes herself on purpose, according to rumor. In fact, there's an episode of the show in which Laverne calls Shirley "Miss Poopy Pants!"


Posted by gerard on January 05, 2001 at 15:47

Has anybody read about te story of Anna Nicole Smith's
There is a five line- article in a magazine who tells the story that the Hollywood-star Anna Nicole Smith wets her pants for the court in the lawsuit about her former babysitter.
Who can tell wich magazine? Thanks.


This was sent to me by Alsoran

Dec. 6, 1999 | No. 1 on my list of actresses whose clothes I don't want to borrow: Ally Sheedy. In an "Intimate Portrait" of the erstwhile Brat Packer, which airs Monday night on Lifetime, Sheedy cops to a pesky little incontinence problem. The actress' bladder troubles hit while she was shooting "The Autumn Heart," with Tyne Daly as her mother. In one particularly emotional scene, Sheedy's character had to enter a room and find her mom dead. "We shot it three times, and every time I shot that scene ... I just peed all over myself," confesses Sheedy. "The first time, I used the blow-dryer, thinking 'Whoa, I must be really into the part or something.'" After the second take, she says, folks on the set started to wonder, "What the hell is her problem. She has no bladder control." "The third time," she giggles, "was just ridiculous." Daly, however, is very supportive of her co-star's damp acting style. The death scene, she asserts, was very intense. "If she had to pee in her pants, that's what she had to do. It's OK with me." Yeah, but was it OK with wardrobe? Depends.


Liza Tarbuck too!

Liza mentioned something about wetting herself on the big brekky today, something like:
Johnny Vaughan: when was the last time you...
Liza Tarbuck: wet myself? i was 16
LT yeah I was shaking and then ... I WAS MORTIFIED!

Glad to see you back Dice!


Posted by Mike on December 31, 2000 at 10:11

Geri halliwell has peeing in her panties at the basket ball game of the Dallas mavericks. The pee sprinkle under of her chair. It was very exciting


Beautiful actress Carmen Electra's first attempts at impressing the opposite sex weren't too successful - she once wet herself in public at an ice-skating rink! Carmen failed to control her bladder while showing off her skate skills in front of teenage boys during her youth. She still cringes at the thought of her most embarrassing incident. She confides, "It happened when I was 14 and used to go to the skating rink. I fell over in front of a bunch of cute guys I had a crush on and couldn't get up again. I was laughing so hard I peed myself... I was lying in a big puddle of pee and laughing hysterically! I was so embarrassed. It is the grossest thing that has ever happened to me.


Posted by Grant on December 04, 2000 at 15:53

At the gossip website Popbitch, they recently mentioned the subject of celebrity wetting -

"Being famous doesn't mean that you never piss in your pants. CARMEN ELECTRA recently confessed to having wet herself in public while ice-skating. "I fell over in front of a bunch of cute guys I had a crush on and couldn't get up again. I was laughing so hard I peed myself," she explains. "I was lying in a big puddle of pee and laughing hysterically! I was embarrassed. It is the grossest thing that has ever happened to me." Although Carmen's incident happened when she was a teenager, other celebs carry their pant-wetting right into adulthood. One glamorous British TV presenter is well known for her little accidents, on TV and at celebrity functions. And then there's the famous wife of a randy old rock star..."

My guess is the glamorous TV presenter is Denise Van Outen of the Big Breakfast, and the famous wife is Jerry Hall, the now ex-wife of Mick Jagger. Does anyone have any inside knowledge of who the mystery women are?


Posted by weTmaster on September 18, 2000 at 06:09

Be sure to watch the replays of today's weightlifting competition! The female Belgian weightlifter Ingeborg Marx wet her pants today while she was trying to lift 105 kg.
No nonsense! Even the commentator on belgian television noticed it, and it is very obvious, when you see it from the right hand camera!!

BTW: I finally managed to relaunch the Pee Magazine website. Check out Peemagazine.net (click the direct link below).


Posted by Great scene on September 18, 2000 at 13:56

In Reply to: Olympic wetting posted by weTmaster on September 18, 2000 at 06:09

Amazing! This is the best wetting scene I have ever seen! The good-looking female Powerlifter Ingeborg Marx from Belgium was wearing tight red stretch pants. She squatted and tried to lift 105 kg. See did her very best but it was too heavy. Suddenly a powerful stream of urine went straight trough her pants. See peed for about 3 to 4 seconds and made a puddle on the floor. Then see just gave up and let the weights fall. She then tried to wipe away the puddle on the floor with her shoes! In the view from the right you could see that the stream did not go down straight, but went backwards in an angle of about 100 degrees. Because she was squatting and trying to get up with the weights at the same time her but went backwards and so did the stream.
When the Belgium TV commentator saw what happened he said something like "..and with these kind of weights some muscles simply give up. Embarrassing, but it happens..". After the match Ingeborg Marx was interviewed on Belgium TV. When she walked to the reporter she looked very embarrassed and even seemed to walk strange. She was still wearing the same red outfit, but unfortunately the lower half of her body was not on screen. In the interview she stated that she was the best looking female powerlifter but did not talk about her accident. Her panties must have been quite wet and cold during the interview!

This would make an excellent scene for Dice's site. Perhaps someone can send a capture to Dice?


Posted by mexwet on July 10, 2000 at 18:32

Last july 2th, Mexico had elections for president. Televisa is a major network who covered the journey from different places through the country.
Today, 8 days later, in morning news, they made a 10 minutes segment composed with cuts about the errors that reporters commited during this transmision.
A female reporter (a beautiful brunnete) was waiting for the host signal to her presentation, she was standing, but the camera shot her only up from her waist.
She said to the floor nanager: "I have to go to the bathroom".
Some cuts later, she said "I need a bathroom!", while she was jumping (I mean jumping!)on her place.
Later, she was mourning and her face was very distresed.
One cut later, she started kind of crying (no tears) and said to my surprise: "Mee stoy haciendo!" (I am pissin myself!). Looking doun to her feet.
It has been the best real desperation scene Ive ever seen.
Later, she appeared in another schene sayng to the floor manager " No thanks, I went (to the bathroom already!), guess he was teasing her about going to the bathroom before they started the next presentation.
Well, I am going to look here for more info about the accident and find out her name, and the chance to record this one to send it to Dice...its worth, even for a couple of Megas.


Posted by Hi on May 02, 2000 at 15:07

Has anybody else heard the story about that super cute tennis player wetting her tennis panties? I don't know if its true or not but the story I got is that when she was 14 or 15 playing in a Jr Girls match, she got 'into' one of her overhead slams so much that she gushed urine for a few seconds, infront of her opponent and other onlookers. They went ahead and played another point, but Anna was so messed up from wetting herself that play had to be suspended while she ran to the locker room to change into another tennis outfit.

God I hope that's a true story. I've seen wonderful photos of Martina Hingis in a very revealing tennis dress, as she hits a shot and her skirt flies up, revealing her surprisingly skimpy panties. Not wet, however. And nothing like that for Anna K. Any photos of her that anybody knows about?


Angelina Jolie

Posted by A .F. on March 31, 2000 at 09:45

I have heard reports from colleagues 'in the business' that Miss Jolie got so drunk at the party after the Oscar ceremony where she won Best Supporting Actress that she wet herself whilst sitting at a table and had to be taken home by friends and family. I should think that she was pretty embarassed the following day but glad there were no cameras filming inside the party!! Unlike us....


Posted by Avril Loof on March 31, 2000 at 09:24

There has been reports recently that since Cherie Blair became pregnant she has suffered bouts of incontinence and has taken to wearing adult nappies to protect her against embarrassment!!


Posted by Steffi on January 06, 2000 at 02:23

The reports of celebrity wettings seem to have dried up letely has anyone heard any new stories. The most accident prone celeb at the moment seems to be Denise Van Outen ever since she told the story live on the Big Breakfast about her wetting her self in a Kebab shop after a night out there have been many more stories. She once fell backwards off her seat started to laugh and then with hands tightly pressed into her crotch said "I've just wet me pants".
It could be something about the show its self because other presenters have had the same problem, Kelly Brook was seen holding her crotch declaring "ooh i'm dying for a wee". Also a few years ago Paula Yates was offering a pair of Hot Pants as a prize She said that these were very personal to her as she had wet them Three times, Paula has had other accidents the most famous when her then husband Bob Geldof was stopped for speeding because Paula was desperate for the toilet, she was pregnant at the time and did not want to have another accident.

Please anyone post any stories you have heard about celebs being caught short or having accidents.

One to leave you with, Zoe Ball recently missed her radio breakfast show it was reported she had an "accident" on the way to work, quote, " no not an accident in my car it was an accident in my trousers, I had to return home and change, very embarrasing really."


Posted by Soaking Pants S on January 03, 2000 at 19:07

HI all,
I am a freelance sound assistent, who deals on the sets of Movies, and Television shows. The following is a true, and AMAZING story that only my closest freinds have been told. I am still excited when I think of the events that occured, and, because writing isn't really my fortae, this will be the shortened version. I was hired on the set of Ms Anderson Lee's new (Well, at the time) show "V.I.P" TO assist the sound engineers. The day started off fairley mundanley, and I didn't get to see Pamela up close at all. In the afternoon, I finally got my chance, Holding Microphones only about 6 feet away from her. She was wearing a tight yellow shirt, that hugged her huge breasts, which constantly threatened to make me hard, and a pair of Denim Shorts. She was filiming a scene in which she was having a convorsation with the man she was supposed to be 'Protecting'. It was a very long scene, and each time they had finished, the director seemed unhappy with it. When they were preparing for the fourth time, Pamela called out to one of the assistent director "Tim (Tim Burton), I need to pee, can we stop?" This request was immediatley refused. "Sorry Pam, but we are losing light here, and we gotta keep on rolling." I was feeling slightly aroused by now, and Pamela looked slightlty annoyed, but went back to her lines. I kept looking at her crotch through the scene, her tight sexy butt, hoping for something, or rather, fantasizing. I new nothing would happen, but it was a nice dream. Long into the lines, I could see something that started to excite me, she was pushing her legs together, and riggling a little bit. It wasn't very noticable, but I could see a tense look on her sexy face. After the scene, she started walking towards her trailer with a determined look on her face, brushed past the director and said "I almost pissed my pants, you know!" and kept walking, finally into her trailer. I was walking that way too, as I had to discuss something with the Camera operators, whos 'Office' Was next to Pamelas. It struck me as I walked in that direction that there was no bathroom in the trailers here, and just as I was pondering that, I came face to face with her, and the biggest sexual excitment in my life. Pamela Anderson Lee came out of her trailer, looking upset as she came quicckly down the stairs with her breasts bounding as she jogged. The thing that REALLY got me hard was her tight, short, ass hugging Denims, frayed at the cuffs, and the large wet stain on the crotch. It was so thrilling, to see the one of the most sexy women on earth pee her pants. I couldn't beleive my eyes, but there it was, the Denim material that just covered her pussy was dark, obviously wet, and with a stream mark down her left pant leg. I could JUST see a drop pf yellow pee running down her sexy leg. As she went past me I could tell that she definatley smelled like pee. As I turned around, I could see the round pee stain on her bottom as well, and as she briskly walked to the bathroom, I could see her hold her crotch. The only ones to witness this, were me, and about two other workers there. So there you go, Pamela Anderson Lee is a pissy girl too!


Posted by Lou on December 02, 1999 at 01:47

Anyone have any info on her or her accident? From deja

> They were doing a fan event together in L.A. I was standing in line to get
> their autographs and I was one of the last peoples in line. I heard someonelet
> out a you know what. I started laughing to myself because I didn't want toput
> anyone on the spot. I thought it was someone else who was standing in likethat
> did it. Then all of a sudden Kristian Alfonso jumped up and started running to
> the bathroom. Everyone was wondering what was wrong. I found out laterthat she
> had diarrhea and she had an accident in her pants. She had to leave early
> because of it and go home, but Joe Mascolo (stefano) stayed to finish up.Fans
> were mad about it because some didn't know what had happened, but Iknew and I
> knew what she was going through because I had diarrhea once at a movietheater.
> She couldn't stay. I don't blame her. She was really nice though and I'm gladI
> got to meet her before her accident. Joe Mascolo was nice too. He's reallyfat
> in person. But he's not anything like Stefanos. I sure hope Kristian and Joe
> don't come in here .
>I'm happy that you got to met Kristian and Joe. I met Wally Kurth from"General Hospital" once. He used to play Justin on "Days". It's really coolwhen something like that happens. I hope Kristian is feeling better. That justgoes to show that stars are human too.


Posted by Terry on October 20, 1999 at 02:06

Apparently Denise Van Outen messed herself after her television show last Saturday. A mate of mine has a girl friend who is one of the attendants at the studios and she told him what happened. It was lucky for our Denise she was not on the air at the time. She was wearing a pink leather skirt, quite a wide sort with a high slit at the back going nearly to her knicks, she also had high stiletto heels on. Anyway, she was rushing around and talking to people in her excited way when suddenly she declared "ooooooo" and cupped her hand to the back of her skirt. From the way she was walking and the smell it was a bit obvious what she had done and everyone there went a bit silent. The girl attendant took Denise, who was in shock, to one of the private bathrooms but has confided that because she was wearing a small pair of thong panties, or strings at the time, which would not hold anything, she had to press her hand to the back of her skirt up to her behind to keep it all in one place in her leather skirt while walking with a stiff and very careful waddle. Denise also confided with the attendant that she has crapped her pants a few times lately and intends to ask her doctor about this.


Posted by Chris on October 19, 1999 at 03:27

In Saturday's "Times" (UK) arts supplement, there was a small quote from Kate Winslet about her new film. It was specifically about the wetting scene, and she said something like (I threw away the article so this is from memory): "I wanted to do it myself, but that's Hollywood for you- if you do it for real, it only goes down one leg".I wonder whether she was speaking from experience? In my experience, when girls wee themselves it goes down both legs, unlike males, where it does tend to trickle down just one side. I hope I'm not right, but I can imagine that's the kind of advice a male technician would pass on to her, rather than the actual experience of a female.The idea of Kate in a pair of wet knickers, or for that matter, her remembering what happened when she last wet her knickers, is gorgeous!


Posted by ABSee on October 19, 1999 at 08:45

In Reply to: Kate Winslet posted by Chris on October 19, 1999 at 03:27

The piece reads...

Pitt recently appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in a dress, a humiliation which pales into insignificance when compared to that undergone by Kate Winslet (above) in Jane Campion's Holy Smoke. The actress had to indulge in a spot of simulated urination for her role as a brainwashed backpacker. 'It was a Hollywood version of weeing,' Winslet reveals. 'I wanted to do it myself, but it just goes down one side of your leg.'

Sounds like she may have rehersed it ('do it myself'). Like to have that

Here's the link too: (You may need to register first)


Posted by Dice on October 19, 1999 at 04:42

In Reply to: Re: Kate Winslet posted by Dice on October 19, 1999 at

.....I have just read about it on IMDB, the snippet below is taken from it (sorry if it ends up looking mashed up).

"But not all of the film is comic;indeed, there are some scenes in the picture which are almost harrowing, one ofthe most memorable scenes being that of Kate Winslet wondering naked acrossthe desert in the middle of the night, totally degraded and brainwashed,eventually urinating in front of the shocked PJ."


Posted by Too Late on September 03, 1999 at 16:09

Too Late's UK Celebrity Wettings,Desperation and stuff.

1) Gaby Roslin

As you may know my girlfriend is a make up artist at the B.B.C, she knows for a FACT thatGaby uses incontinence pads, she has seen them in Gaby's dressing room.

2) Pam Ferris

The actress who played Ma larkin in the Darling Buds of May told a womens magazine that shealmost wet herself at a party a couple of years ago " I was stood outside the bathroom literallytrembling and barely hanging on, I came so close to wetting my knickers".

3) Judy Finnigan

A couple of years ago I was watching "This Morning", during the show Judy was becomingincreasingly distracted, they cut to a break and when the show returned Richard Madely was on hisown, a few moments later Judy reappeared explaining that she had had to use the loo and had toget a key from the other side of the studio and nearly didn't make it ! Judy's tights were severalshades darker than before the break so I think she told a little white lie, I think she had to changeher tights because the veiwers would have seen the pee streaks, spoilsport!

4) Anthea Turner

During an interview with a womens magazine Anthea was asked about her most embarrassingmoment and replied "wetting my boyfriend's bed after my 21st birthday party was prettyembarrassing, especially as I was still wearing my clothes from the night before".

5) Tina Hobley

The gorgeous star of Coronation Street and Harbour LIghts was also asked this question sheanswered " Before one of my A-Level exams I thought I needed a wee but put it down to nerves,about halfway through the exam I started to wet myself and just couldn't stop, I had to sit for nearlyan hour in soaking wet jeans.

Womens magazines and sunday supplements are great for this kind of info.

May your jeans be wet and your puddles large!
Too Late


Posted by Too Late on August 30, 1999 at 12:55

A liar in FHM magzine april 98

During an interview Yasmin Le Bon tells about getting caught short but she lies she states that "I once got caught short in the car on the kings road,I thought"I can hold on I am a grown woman," but it got so bad I was driving cross legged." the interviewer hints that she went in to a pub and relieved herself in their toilets.My girlfriend who is a make up artist sat in on the interview and told me that Yasmin said " This is off the record, right? I didn't manage to hold on, I wet myself, my jeans and the car seat got drenched I was so embarrassed but Simon just laughed"

A wetting live on T.V.

My girlfriend is now working at the B.B.C. and she is one of the make up artists for Blue Peter and told me this tale.
"I was invited into the control room about 8 months ago whilst they were filming, during one of the prerecorded segments Katy Hill said "I need a wee" , the producer said there wasn't time before her next link, towards the end of the show Katy was clearly getting uncomfortable.During the dying seconds of the show the cameras zoomed out as Konnie and Stuart stood up and waved goodbye, Katy remained seated and when the credits began to roll the producer told Katy she could go,she replied that she didn't need to go anymore and that it was too late


Posted by Matt Mann on July 13, 1999 at 03:41

Listen to this you lot. The ones in here who enjoy celeb wetting and pooping will have alot to think about. Anyway the story is about Jenifer Aniston and while the cast of freinds were filming in London, Jennifer Saunders made her laugh so hard that she ran off the set and sat in her chair at the side. When Jennifer S. went over and asked what was wrong, she immediately wet her self and started to laugh again. During a scene when Ross (schwimmer) and Emily (baxendale) were agueing she started laughing again, but rather than just wetting, she laughed so hard she squeezed a little turd into her pants!!!! I wish I worked on freindsbecause while Lisa Kudrow was pregnant she pee'd herself a couple of times. also courtney Cox has been known to get caught short a few times and in one ephisode in an earlier series you can see a spot on her crotch where she's gone pee pee in her panties, does anyone have any idea about whitch ephisode. Anyway, must dash, the wife is in bed and i'm going to join her.



Posted by Mermaid on May 15, 1999 at 18:23

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That's old.
I know for a fact that lici's been"pastie trained" for the last two years.(She still has some night time accidents.)


Posted by Sean on April 16, 1999 at 08:29

In Reply to: celeb accidents posted by Marge on April 16, 1999 at 02:11

great stories! Keep them coming! I heardthe same thing from a costume designer about Sandra Bullock. She does wear diapers.


Posted by Bashful on March 22, 1999 at 17:43

The memory of this event just popped into my head today. I saw it about three or four years ago during the out-takes on one of the Roseanne Show reruns. I had just turned the TV on during the end so I have no idea what the show itself was even about. Here's the scenario as I recollect...

Roseanne was standing in the living room screaming her lungs out at a biker while the cops were banging on the door trying to arrest the biker. This went on for a few minutes when all of a sudden she turned and quickly walked to the kitchen door proclaiming in the same screaming voice. "Oh my god, I just ___(BLEEP) my pants!" The cameraman followed her out the door, zooming in at her butt which clearly showed a good sized bulge and a brown stain on her red stretch pants. If I was screaming as hard as she was, I think I would have had an accident myself!

She's not at the top of my fantasy, come-true celebrity accident list, but it is quite obvious that it really happened. Hmmm, maybe she planned it that way? And could the cameraman have an interest in the subject too? *LOL*


Posted by Marge on April 16, 1999 at 02:11

I wore a posting but it didn't go thru for some reason. I have a friend who does takes for movies and lately she has progressed onto block buster movies. She spends hours within earshot of the actors while they get ready for scenes and she has two accounts of accidents she has told me.
First, it is true about Sandra Bullock. She annoys the photogrophers by constantly having to go to the loo and inturrupting scenes. One of the photographers complained and she responded that she couldn't wear her diapers in this outfit.
Also, Helena Christianson had one off accident in a makeup room while being interviewed. She got up saying she was desperate and peed a small anmount on her jeans. She yelled from the toilet for one of the staff to bring her in a new pair.


Posted by Sean on April 16, 1999 at 08:29

In Reply to: celeb accidents posted by Marge on April 16, 1999 at 02:11

great stories! Keep them coming! I heardthe same thing from a costume designer about Sandra Bullock. She does wear diapers.


Posted by Double J on April 16, 1999 at 12:53

In Reply to: Re: celeb accidents posted by Sean on April 16, 1999 at 08:29

I saw the latest sandra movie and there are only about three times when you get close up shots of her whole body. the rest of the shots are from a distance. on shot she is in her underwear but it is from a distance and they seem to have either a plastic look to them or a bulging appearence to them. check it out its in theaters now its called "forces of nature" pretty ironic huh


Posted by Marge on April 16, 1999 at 00:36

I noticed there has been little talk about celebrities on this board lately because of all the distactions with unwelcome intruders creating havoc. But bugger them, I have some news on celebrity accidents. I have recently become friends with a girl who does the takes for a lot of scenes in the block buster movies. Her job does not play a high significance in the entertainment industry, but she does get to overhear alot and has to spend hours and hours within earshot of the actors as they prepare for scenes.
Apparently it is true that Sandra Bullock has a bladder problem. She is constantly running off to the toliet much to the annoyment of the photogrophers when they are trying to get on with a scene. One of the photographers complained to her and she responded that she can hardly wear her diapers in 'this outfit". The photographer apologised not realising that she had a problem.The other scene my friend has witnessed is a one off accident for Helena Christianson. My friend was doing takes in the makeup room on set for a series on modelling in Britain. Helena had to do a talk and got up in the middle of filming desperate to go the toilet. She was very open about it. About two minutes later from the toilets, she yelled for someone to grab he another pair of jeans because she started to go as she was pulling her pants down. Apparently it was only a small accident.So this is all I have for now. If anyone has any news at all on celebrity accidents, pleeeeease post em!!!


Posted by mexwet on April 17, 1999 at 22:15

There`s a mexican singer called Alejandra Guzman. In 1992 se was interviewed on TV and talked about she had just wet while shopping with a friend. She was already desperate to pee when her girlfriend said something funny, she started to laugh and a spurt of pee ran down on her legs through her skirt. To make things worst, a little boy behind her noticed and told her mom Look, she is pissing! As Alejandra heard that, started to laugh harder and the floodgates opened... she lost control and wet herself making a puddle on the floor. Somebody told me about this, but I am sure it would be a real turn on to watch her telling this by herself!


Posted by The Guy on March 24, 1999 at 09:00

It must be about 10 years ago now when Dana Delany won an Emmy for the show China Beach. She was extremely fidgety on stage and while not really doing a flagrant pee-pee dance, she was definately desperate.She gave a very short acceptance speech and finally said, "I have a lot more people to thank but I REALLY have to go to the bathroom!" Then she hurried off stage.


Posted by wetcop on March 24, 1999 at 20:56

In Reply to: Dana Delany at the Emmy's posted by The Guy on March 24, 1999 at 09:00

There were also atleast two episodes of China Beach where Dana's character had accidents.

One was where she met one of her boyfriends, they were having an arugment and a sniper opened fire. The boyfriend dove on top of Dana's character to protect her and then commented on how uncomfortable the "wetness" was, to which Dana's character remarked about he could tell all of his buddies at the bar and they could have a could laugh.

The other one that I remember, was when Dana's character was sick and had to be diapered because she could not control her bowels or bladder.



Posted by The Guy on March 25, 1999 at 07:36

In Reply to: Re: Dana Delany at the Emmy's posted by wetcop on March 24, 1999 at 20:56

I don't remember the sniper episode, but I doremember the diaper episode. In addition to bea great show, China Beach was great for its toiletstuff.

Towards the end of the diaper episode when Dana's character was getting better, her doctorsaid something to the effect of "I'm going to missall those dirty diapers."

In another episode, Dana's character and her friend where traveling in a jeep and had to stopto fix a flat tire. At one point the two womenwent off in the bushes to pee. No pee or actualprivate parts were shown, but they did spend a good deal of time, showing them looking for a spot, pulling down thier pants and squatting there. Then they got kidnapped, but only afterthey were done.


Posted by Steph on March 24, 1999 at 01:09

After reading the post from Rachel about Kelly Brook being desperate to pee on the Big Breakfast it reminded me of an incident on the same show with their last female presentor Denise Van Outen.
Denise admitted live on air that she was desperate for the toilet while in a Kebab shop after a night out, someone in the queue made her laugh and she started to pee. She decided to make a run for it down the street to find a toilet, a toilet could not be found in time and she described how she left a trail of pee behind her as she ran but could not regain control, she described wearing a really pretty dress but made such a mess of it she couln not return for her Kebab but had to get a cab home.Denise is not the only presentor of this show to have had this problem, a few years before Paula Yates was giving away as a prize a pair of tight shorts as worn by her, she said they were special because she had wet them three times.
Anyone know of anymore wet TV presentors post them here and later i'll tell of some of my own completely accidental knicker wetting expiriences


Posted by dave on March 24, 1999 at 17:42

In Reply to: Re: TV Presenter Wetting posted by Koukouvayia on March 24, 1999 at 10:16

The best presenter wetting that I didn't see but only heard recounted afterwards relates to "Miss Rear of the Year" herself, Anneka Rice (Treasure Hunt). Actually, I find that having to use your imagination makes these sort of things ten times better.

After she left Treasure Hunt she started doing "Challenge Anneka" in which she was challeneged to organise an event (eg a concert) or to renovate a school in just a few hours by drumming up support from local people and persuading shopkeepers to donate a bit of their stock.

Well the first of these challenges (effectively the pilot to the programme) was part of the Children in Need appeal one year.

Anneka was challenged to organise a live concert, complete with fireworks, to take place on a huge floating pontoon just downstream of Tower Bridge.

Anneka was dressed in one of her trademark one-piece jumpsuits - pale pink.

Throughout the evening they kept showing footage of her as she threw herself with characteristic girlish enthusiasm into the task of organising everyone.

The finale showed her "conducting" a few bars of the music and then you saw her watching as the music progressed and the fireworks began.

I noticed that she was jiggling around rather a lot. "She's desperate," I thought. "Could be fun." She started to look very overcome with emotion at one stage and she looked a bit "hot and bothered". Suddenly there was an almighty bang as a rocket exploded almost overhead. Anneka turned bright red, turned to the sound man standing next to her and whispered something. Her personal mike suddenly seemed to develop a fault.

From then on, the cameraman restricted himself to head and shoulders shots only - it was a very noticeable change.

In due course, the programme returned to Terry Wogan in the studio.

An hour or so later, Anneka appeared in the studio - wearing not her jumpsuit but a rather fetching skirt. Terry was asking her about the concert and how she felt as she realised that she'd been responsble for organising it all.

She confessed that she'd had "a bit of an accident" at the end. Apparently she'd not had chance to go to the loo for about five hours because she'd been so busy. It was hot so she'd been drinking a lot of fluid.

By the time of the concert, she said, she was "bursting". With enchanting coyness she described how she'd "dribbled a bit" during Rule Britannia and hoped that the cameraman wouldn't show her lower half. Then came the fireworks. You've guessed it - when that big rocket went off overhead, she was so shocked that she completely lost it and began "gushing like a waterfall"! She was terrified that her mike would let everyone hear the sound of her peeing uncontrollably. She ended her story with the words "I'm afraid my jumpsuit's a rather darker shade of pink now."


Posted by Dave on March 25, 1999 at 14:28

In Reply to: Re: TV Presenter Wetting posted by dave on March 24, 1999 at 17:42

I've just remembered another TV wetting incident which again was described rather than witnessed. Again I'm sure the video evidence must exist in a well-secured safe somewhere at the BBC.

It concerns the actress Michelle Dotrice ("Betty" from "Some Mothers Do Have Them"; also seen more recently in "Bramwell"). For those that haven't seen "Some Mothers", I'll set the scene briefly. It starred Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer, a rather effeminate and utterly ineffectual and accident-prone (in the non-watersports sense!) young man who seemed to break just about everything that he touched. Betty was Frank's long-suffering wife. "Some Mothers" was made in the mid-1970s and has assumed cult status now.

The Christmas special one year featured an amateur dramatic Nativity play in the local village hall. Frank played the Angel Gabriel and Betty played the Virgin Mary.

The script called for Frank to make his entrance on the end of a trapeze artist's harness. Apparently the crew had deliberately not rehearsed this in Michelle Dotrice's presence because they wanted to record her genuine reaction as she first saw it. They certainly got a "reaction".

At the opportune moment in the script, Michael Crawford, dressed as Frank Spencer dressed as the Angel Gabriel was lowered on the harness over the stage. He was wearing a short tunic which revealed his scrawny legs, and was spinning uncontrollably as he gradually descended. He was giving it the full Frank Spencer treatment: lots of "Oooh Bettyyy. I'm all flustered." Everyone was killing themselves laughing. But all the cameras were on Betty for some good reaction shots that they could use. She exceeded their wildest dreams and laughed so much that she wet herself copiously, completely drenching the stage, the cot and the doll that they were using as "Baby Jesus".

Sadly times were not sufficently enlightened for the BBC to feel comfortable leaving this bit in, even though it was a thoroughly spontanteous reaction that would have added greatly to the humour of the situation.

Now where's the videotape of that. I do hope they were actually recording at the time...


Posted by Gelly on February 25, 1999 at 21:15

In Reply to: CELEBRITY BEDWETTERS? posted by wee on February 24, 1999 at 15:15

I read an article in one of those teen magazines.I think it was YM.About how Alicia Silverstone use to wet herself when she was younger.Amd her siblings use to call her "Apeecia".I Also heard that she had an accident during the Batm*n movie she was in,like something about her wetting herself in that batgirl suit because it took to long to take off.I'm not sure about the second story.But I know the first one was true,she said it herself in an interview.


Posted by Madonna Fan on February 24, 1999 at 18:19

In Reply to: CELEBRITY BEDWETTERS? posted by wee on February 24, 1999 at 15:15

Before she was toilet trained, Madonna wet herbed regularly.

Near as I can tell, by the time of her CatholicConfirmation, her mattress stayed dry.


Posted by Rick on February 03, 1999 at 09:21

In Reply to: Famous Bedwetters? posted by Lena on February 01, 1999 at 15:04

Kristy McNichol who played in the show FAMILYwhen she was a teenager and tons of those afterschool specials recently admitted in an interview to being a bedwetter well into her teen years. She says she wet practically every night until she was 10 or 11 and it was still happeningonce or twice a wek when she was 17. She says it still happens occasionally today, but its more like once a month than once a week.


Posted by MortalFool on January 25, 1999 at 17:32

From the summer 1995 issue of skaro an interview with anneke wills who played poly in doctor Who

Q:Was there ever a time when you were laughing so much that you found it difficult to carry on?

A:Many times. I actually have a terrible trouble with that because, I don't know, maybe I have a weak bladder, but I pee, you see! I've done it many times. I've done it on stage when something went wrong that was terribly funny and I was sitting on this sofa and I realised I couldn't get up because my skirt was just completely wet. This is going to be so embarrassing! And that's what I would do - I would just wet my pants! I'd say 'No, please! Don't make me laughmaybe I have a weak bladder, but I pee, you see! I've done it many times. I've done it on sta



Taken from TV Guide's webpage:
Talk about your embarrassing moments: Goldie Hawn once tinkled onstage.
Hawn was performing years ago in a summer stock production of Kiss Me Kate in Springfield, MA, when the unfortunate moment occurred, she recalls in the September McCall's. An actor who was playing a strong man couldn't find his loincloth and came out onstage in a girl's leotard.
That's when giggly Goldie lost it.
"I laughed so hard I peed down my legs," says Hawn, who was dressed in a tutu. "It was visible from the light booth, so you know everyone had to be going, 'God, what's happening to this girl?' I didn't run offstage, though. I stuck it through."


Posted by Steve on September 09, 1998 at 20:06

I had read in a magazine interview, It was early Janruary's issue of 'Bliss' - a teenage girls mag, that Alicia Silverstone when she had to dress up in the catwomen suit, for Batman and Robin, she had trouble in getting out of it and had a large accident in it. She claims that she was very embarresed by the incident and it was very smelly aswell.


Posted by None on June 05, 1998 at 13:46
In Reply to: Celeb Wettings (anyone know of) posted by alsoran on June 03, 1998 at 16:29
Heather Graham, of Scream 2 and Two Guys and a Girl, admitted in Rolling Stone that she often wets herself when she laughs. Later in the interview she mentioned that she rarely wears panties. Hmmm....


IN A BYZANTENE HOUSE FAR, FAR away from Torrance High live Jada Pinkett and her boyfriend, the ultratalented Will Smith. It is the oddest place, with a ton of windows and a whole confusion of inner corridors. Before we showed up, Pinkett says, her lips were deathly blue. She maintains that this is because she was freezing cold after her morning swim; but with this wool cap on her head and these sweat pants on her legs, all will be well. Her lips are turning back to the pink of the living.


The daughter of parents who divorced early, she grew up in a rough part of Baltimore and once got robbed there. One big guy said, "I want your jewelry, I want your money, I want all that shit." He and another big guy pointed their 9 mm pistols at her face. Her bladder loosened up. ("Yeah," she says from this distance of time and space, "I peed in my pants." It doesn't bother her any.) The two guys took her stuff, and, as they were leaving, one of them glanced back at her. She saw his eyes. She saw him making a split-second decision. Two weeks later, that one guy got arrested for robbing and killing two boys. Sometime after that, Pinkett had occasion to talk to him. She asked him why he'd let her live. He said she was too pretty to hurt - "just so blasé like that," she recalls, "not because taking somebody's life is just some wrong shit to do. Just, 'You're a hot-looking chick I let you go.' "


THERE ARE SUCH THINGS AS ERUPTIVE prominences. And here are some different kinds of galaxies: E3, barred spiral, dwarf elliptical, bright nuclear Ntype, peculiar. We are enthralled. We are so pleased that Heather Graham, no doubt having learned a few things from her roles in Drugstore Cowboy, Swingers and Boogie Nights, has refused to meet us at the top of a parking garage and insisted instead upon the Griffith Observatory. It has interesting exhibits. Some of the words we have read so far, while they might apply to the far-off, also seem to us to apply to the nearby and, indeed, to a few of the Scream 2 Six. In this regard, we wonder where Graham will fit in.


If she laughs really hard, she has a tendency to pee in her pants. "But when I'm really scared," she says, "I don't usually pee in my pants." Later she says, "I don't really prefer underwear and don't usually wear it unless I have my period," leaving us to wonder whether we should try to make her laugh really hard or not, given other things we now know. Pondering how she would maim if she were to maim, she says, "Well, I remember there's a scene in La Femme Nihita where she takes the fork and stabs the guy in the hand. I thought that was kind of cool, you know?" Posted by Krystal on April 29, 1998 at 06:47


Posted by Bogode on April 26, 1998 at 06:09

Catriona McKiernan the female winner of this mornings London Marathon seriously pooped her shorts half way around and crossed the finish line with liquid poop running down her legs. As she crosses the line she looks down and sees the mess and begs the officials to find something to cover it. The TV coverage did not hide anything! If you get a chance watch your sport channels to see her winning the race!!


Posted by icupn on February 08, 1998 at 08:30

Celebrity: Ellen Barkin
Here is a section of an interview I found while surfin':

It seems anyone who comes into contact with Gray is risking having their truths be told, or at least his version, anyway: "I wasin Vancouver shooting a horrible movie called Bad Company with Ellen Barkin … We were doing a night shoot, and shecouldn't stop laughing. She … would laugh at this one line I had, and … she began to wet her pants. The director did notknow what to do with her. He was just chain smoking …"

The whole interview is at:


Posted by icupn on December 28, 1997 at 11:44

I'm always looking for stories about Celebrity Accidents.
Here is something I found in a news group posted 12/04/97.

So far, this is a rumor. But I have heard that she
admitted to having a bladder problem and wearing diapers
on Hard Copy. She also admitted to having a bladder
problem on an MTV special for Demolition Man in 1993.
Jan Du Bont also said that Sandra wet her pants when he
told her what the stunts would entail on Speed 2.

Supposedly this is all rumor, but it is a pretty
persistent rumor.

I know I'm not the only one here that likes this subject,so if I find more I will post them.


GREENE: Well there's probably plenty who think they're that person.

ROBERTS But you know, `My Best Friend's Wedding,' I really -- and I haven't even seen the whole thing. But I'm so proud of everybody in the movie. Everybody worked so hard, and they were all so charming. Rupert Everett is the funniest thing to ever hit the planet. Truly. I mean so funny that there were scenes where we'd be doing stuff and he'd do things that were so funny, that I would be laughing so hard that you can't even understand what I'm saying. 'Cause I'm trying to get through the scene, but I can't stop laughing and I'd just be peeing in my pants! But it happened so often with Rupert, he just really is some kind of freak, some kind of comic genius freak.

GREENE: Wow! That's a very strong endorsement. It's funny I never thought of him that way. I thought he was a serious, British guy.

ROBERTS He is! But that's the beauty! He's like our secret weapon! People have no idea! And it's fantastic! I can't wait. I'm gonna take so much credit for this. Even though -- heh heh -- there's no reason I should. And I told PJ, I was actually teasing PJ today saying how the ways in which I'm gonna take full and complete credit for the [laffs] movie. [Comic serious] If it's funny. But if it sucks it's all PJ.


Posted by AlsoRan on October 15, 1997 at 20:37

Jenny Mcarthy apparently was abed wetter for more than seven years.....

Click the link to go to the tv guide
page to read about it.
Home Page : jenny


Posted by wetcop on October 14, 1997 at 00:34

Here are the two incidents about Paula Abdul. The first one I read onone of her websites as being her mostembarrassing moment as a singer. The second one was emailed to by aquavite after I read a post about iton the Watersports Forum a little over a year ago, (Has it been gone that long?)

A button came off during a concert exposing part of Paula anatomy. Paula ran offstage laughing so hard that she wet her pants.

When she was a Laker Girl, Paula and the other girls were practicing pyramids when a famous player walked by causing the pyramid to fall.Paula started laughing so hard that she wet her pants.


Posted by Sean on August 26, 1997 at 23:20

I just read AlsoRan's post concerning Sandra Bullock's bladder problem. I heard around the net that she recently admitted to hard copy on tape that she is a 24 hour diaper wearer due to her weak bladder. At first I did not believe it, but after AlsoRan's account I think this is true. I also have pictures of Sandra on vacation when she was a teenager. She is shown wearing a one piece bathing suit and it is obvious that she is wearing a diaper underneath her suit. You can even see one the out line of the tapes of her diaper. Maybe her bladder problem is why she does not do revealing scenes and almost always covers herself up from the stomach on down. AlsoRan, what are the chances of getting a copy of that tape?


Posted by Raven on August 17, 1997 at 18:35

I have a Playboy magazine from the late 80's where the interview is with Goldie Hawn. She tells of the days before Laugh In when she was just starting in show biz. She was on stage with other girls dancing in their ballet outfits. The male star forgot his outfit and had to come on stage in a girls ballet outfit.
Goldie got to laughing so hard she wet her pants on stage and had to wear the wet outfit for the rest of the show.


Posted by AlsoRan on August 17, 1997 at 18:16

I've heard that terri hatcher of the t.v show lois and clark has irritable bowel syndrome whichcauses her to have poop accidents anyone heard anything about her ?


Posted by AlsoRan on August 17, 1997 at 18:11

Maria Shriver was on the arseniohall show and told of her laughingso hard at a joke a cameraman toldher she peed her pants right beforegoing on air...

ahhh life is good.


Posted by AlsoRan on August 17, 1997 at 09:38

Sandra Bullock,

I was watching a mtv movie special for demolition man, dan cortese wasthe host where they would show clips from the movie and blow up a deserted building, in between clips they showed sandra drinking what looked like a beer in a clear plastic cup, more interviews and at the very end where they were to blow up the building they showed the three actors facing the building then you see sandra cringing and whisper something to stallone, he then says "sandra's got a bladder problem" the cost sticks a microphone in front of her and she says "i'm gonna pee in my pants !!" they never show her doing it but it was a great scene.

I was luck enough to videotape that.
life is good.


Posted by wetcop on August 17, 1997 at 01:34

I believe that aquavite sent me the information on Paula Abdul, so let me credit him for this info.

Paula and the other Laker cheerleaders were performing a pyramid when a famous ballplayer passed by. The pyramid collapsed and Paula started laughing so hard that she wet her uniform in front of the player and the other cheerleaders.

let's keep this discussion going.



Posted by Biff on August 15, 1997 at 08:07

a couple of more celebrity post :

If I recall the Cindy Williams situation is that she like a lot of us has a poop fetish and as a result likes to stage accidents. The story was that she arrived at an awards presentation one evening and during the show she got up from her seat in the audience and left with a load in her panties.

The Deborah Norville story was that someone had a friend who worked as a camera man for the today show. He reported that one morning Deborah was conducting an interview and started feeling sick to her stomach. Rather than interrupt the interview (it was a live broadcast) she kept going but eventually she couldn't contain herself anymore and she pooped her panties during the interview. She still completed the interview but left the show afterwards.


Posted by Biff on August 14, 1997 at 22:15

I was listening to howard stern this morning on the radio , A callerhad called in and said that he was beside Tori Spelling at a Rolling Stones Concert when he noticed a puddle of peeat his feet, he said he knew he didn't pee, He couldn't believeit .. Tori Spelling had peed her pants.howard blew the guy off not believing it but I had also seen on the gossip show on E! where there was a salesman in storethat sold comforters/blankets that told of tori buying a newcomforter because she said that she had an accident in herold one.

ahhhh life is good..


Celebrity Accidents

Posted by biff on May 08, 1997 at 08:18

Jenny Mccarthy on her mtv tv show wed may 7th .

jenny usually tells a couple of story's about herself when before her skits, this time she told of a woman she called blondie that was obsessed with the grass in front of her house, jenny said that her and two friends walked up to the house and started touching her grass mocking the woman by yelling "were touching your grass" the woman runs out of the house and the two other freinds run away, jenny stiff with fear said "I COULDN'T MOVE, I FELT PEE RUNNING DOWN MY LEGS"

mtv usually shows the wednesday show again on saturdays.


Celebrity Accidents

Posted by RJ on May 07, 1997 at 23:23

I was watching the Late Show with Jay Leno. One of his guests that night was model Amber Valleta. They were talking about the MTV show House of Style that Amber and Shalom Harlow were hosting. Jay asked Amber if any fun things happen on the show and Amber replied, "Well, Shalom peed her pants on the first show!"


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Yeah, I saw that show... she also said that Shalom had to for some reason wear Depends, and that it had leaked - causing her "pee in her pants" episode... not sure of all the details, that's all I can remember... later! :)


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Amber was just playing along with Jay and said it was O.K. because Shalom was wearing Depends.

All she said about the accident was that after Shalom wet her pants she ran to the ladies' room.
I wish I was on-site that day! ;-)


Entertainment Weekly, No. 404, November 7, 1997, documents some of Jenny McCarthy's revelations in her new book, Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy's Open Book. Click on the pic to see what she says about how many times she wet the bed with a guy in it. In her book she reveals that she wet the bed until about 10. She'd wake up first, do it, then realize what she'd done. She describes it as an out-of-body experience, sensation-wise. Then, as an adult, after a "chaste" sleep-over at a guy's house after a date, she woke to find a horrified look on his face. He told her she'd peed the bed. She felt embarrassed, but now feels it's a great ice-breaker.

On May 19, 1997, Julia Roberts was a guest on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, a morning talk show in the US. She was there along with 3 of her other cast members to promote their new movie "My Best Friend's Wedding." While describing a clip from the movie, Julie reported they were laughing so hard on their first day of shooting that she peed her pants and then made references to it again later in her conversation with Rosie. One of the other cast members from the movie reported sending pubic hair along with a letter to a critic of one of his early stage performances. What we find interesting at Patches' Place is that Rosie, the Queen of Nice, who always has the new TV rating of "G" on her program is now including content which would earn her a "TV14" rating like the other programs which run opposite hers on other networks. Then again, maybe we are missing the point and it is really just a chic thing for actors and actresses to talk about peeing their pants these days to improve their ratings!

On May 7, the Jenny McCarthy Show on MTV featured a comedy sketch involving a girl going into a bathroom off camera and peeing very loudly. The same show also contained a scene in which Jenny talks about peeing herself as a child after being scared by a neighbor. Since this program is broadcast in Europe about six weeks after it is broadcast in the States, perhaps one of our fans can record the program and provide audio and/or video of the relevant parts. By our estimates, the program should air in mid to late June 1997 in Europe.


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A few years ago, Maria Shriver was on the Arsenio Hall Show. She told a story about years before when she was on a news set. Something happened that got her laughing and she couldn't stop. She said "I was rolling on the ground laughing! I couldn't stop! I wet my pants! It was horrible!" The rest of the interview, Arsenio kept making her laugh and giving her funny looks. Maria later aked him while laughing "stop it, I know what you're trying to do!" Arsenio mocked confusion/innocence. I kept glued hoping he'd succeed but no luck!



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Date: Saturday, 24-Aug-96 21:16:32 JST

As a relatively new and interested member of this forum I to respond to a post from 08 June 96 regarding true stories of celebrities recounting "accidents".

Maria Shriver on the Arsenio Hall show a couple of years ago recounted having laughed so hard she literaly wet her pants just before a newsbroadcast. ( I don't think she had time to

Jamie Lee Curtis on the David Letterman show recounted having to wear dark colored clothing to her sitcom tapings because of all the water she drank and laughing she did.

I too am curious of stories of celebrities who have had accidents and would love to learn the details of both of Paula Abduls episodes as well as if any one can confirm whether or not Sandra Bullock wet herself during that interview or not.


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Subject: re: Claudia Schiffer on SNL
From: Whizzer (Forum User)
Date: Tuesday, 06-Aug-96 13:29:42 JST

I made the original report that it was Claudia, but you are right, it was Elle McPherson. Don't know why I said Claudia. Just confused. For some reason all the blood left my head and went somewhere else when it happened, leaving me a bit euphoric.
Sorry all.


Beyond the Valley of the Doll

Women are from Venus, Pamela Lee is from Mars.

David A. Keeps surveys the lanscape of her mind.

Brandon Thomas Lee may be the luckiest little guy in the world. His father, the lucky guy who got to put him where he is today, has already ordered him a baby drum kit just like the one dad plays in Motley Crue. And his mother plans to breast-feed her son when he's born.

"It's so bizarre going through a pregnancy," Pamela Lee tells me.Yesterday I was having a bath and milk started squirting out of my breasts. I called Tommy and I go, "They Work!" and he just lost it. And we had the ultrasound the other day and the doctor said, 'There's the scrotum and there's the penis.' I was very impressed. For a seven month old. "

It's the happiest time in her twenty-eight years, but it's rough. "When you're pregnant your .sex drive goes way through the roof. And your brain, it does get fried. Just this morning I'm like, did I take my vitamins or didn't I? Seven months' worth of brain cells are gone."

And another thing: "If you laugh really hard when you're pregnant, you pee your pants."


Do you ever wish that you were ugly but a great actress?
No. (laughs). . . I still go to work every day thinking I'm not cut out for this. I have a phobia: I can't watch myself on TV. I start shaking, I start sweating and I lose it.


Did you ever experiment with drugs?
I was not a big drug person. I couldn't smoke pot because it made me so paranoid that I couldn't tell if I had to pee or I was really cold, so I just didn't enjoy it. I don't think there's other substances that really work with my personality.

What about Cristal champagne? That's what all the papers say.
Yeah, well, I guess that's the only drink anyone's ever seen in my hand. One night at Bo Kaos I had a few glasses of Cristal and I did a backflip in the booth. I landed on Tommy, and his drink went down my patent-leather pants. So I stand up and I've got my hand in my crotch, trying to get the ice cubes out. And that's when Tommy said, "I think I'm going to take my wife home now." Things like that usually happen if I drink champagne.

What about those pictures of you two having sex that were published in Screw?
I was devastated at first. Someone stole our pictures, I wanted to frame them, you know. (laughs) I just refuse to dwell on it in a negative way. Ooh, I'm having sex with my husband, like that's a real terrible thing. I think lots of people take those kinds of pictures. At least we took a Polaroid, we didn't take it to Supersnaps.


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Subject: Lisa Ondeiki (Martin) Pees!
From: Lloyd (Forum User)
Date: Sunday, 28-Jul-96 20:41:17 JST

Oh, it was great! I've just watched the start of the women's marathon, and took particular notice (as I always do!) of Lisa Ondeiki, waiting to see her usual performance. It's always worth it! The first itme I ever saw this woman was as Lisa Martin in the Commonwealth Games of 1986, when she led the women's marathon for most of the race, peeing visibly in her running briefs throughout most of the race. Remember my discussions on hydration and endurance athletics? She's living proof of what I'm talking about! She always hydrates up wellbefore a race, and the only race I haven't seen her pee in was a race she dropped out of due to dehydration! The whole idea of hydration is to establish a higher than normal concentration of water in the blood and body, and keep it there, to keep the blood thin, and to aid in cooling. However, the usual consequence of this is that the kidneys work overtime to bring the concentration back to normal again, and you have to pee much more frequently, and drink much more to replace the water. I've noticed that Australian athletes seem to do this much more regularly than others, and I wonder whether it's not as well known a technique elsewhere? Certainly some of the comments I have read in answer to my discussion on hydration border on scorn and disbelief; perhaps it's because of Australia's more torid climate that we are much more concerned with such things? Anyway, so there I was waiting for the start of the marathon, wondering how long I would have to wait until she started peeing, watching her standing there, when all of a sudden, they were off! No sooner had the pack dispersed when I saw a closeup of Lisa's group, and there she was, striding along in her Aussie green and gold crop top and high-cut briefs with a soaking crotch! The sneak had been peeing waiting for the start! I felt robbed! I didn't even get to see her with dry pants, let alone see them start to get wet!

Oh, well, at least I recorded the start, which allowed me to replay those crutial frames, and there was that beautiful wet crotch, bouncing up and down. It was only then that I realised she had been peeing for some time, because the wetness had soaked upwardsin front, and forming a slight "V", as opposed to "^", as the wetness followed the legbands of her briefs. My own experience is that this is only a result of *soaking* rather than direct wetting. If there was any doubt, it was removed as I saw a closeup of Lisa from behind, and there was a very distinct wet line across her bottom. Even as the camera caught her from a distance coming around the bend, there was the obvious, almost black, wet spot between her legs. I've been watching the marathon, and writing this in the ads, and Lisa seems to have dropped down to about 50th place, so maybe she's not going to well, despite her preparations, but I've noticed a few wet bottoms on others, especially a couple of women in white shorts. Of course, it's possible that's only sweat... Anyway, I'm going to watch the rest of this marathon, so I'll post this and talk to you all again some other time. 'Bye for now. Lloyd.


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Date: Thursday, 25-Jul-96 21:13:54 JST

Pamela lee from baywatch did an interview where she says that while 7 months pregnant that if she laughs alot she wets her pants, also though when she was talking about drugs she said that she didn't like them because she couldn't tell if she was cold or if she had to pee..

check out the interview @



Near the end of 1995 or early in 1996, the US television program , A Current Affair, conducted an interview with Linda Dano who plays "Felicia Gallant" on program Another World. She was asked about her most embarrassing moment. She told about the time on set when Cass, her jealous love interest bursts in as her character Felicia was propositioning another man. Linda said, "...and when he stood up, it broke everybody up. The way he did it, it made everybody crazy. All the crew broke up. I laughed so hard that I wet my pants! And I had a big stain right in front. We had to stop tape. We had to blow dry me." We wonder if this clip will show up on a future bloopers program!


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From: DaveB (Forum User)
Date: Sunday, 16-Jun-96 11:22:05 JST

Hi all

I've been too busy to do more than just keep up with this forum recently (its getting to be a full time job!) but I enjoyed the Celebrity Accidents thread so much, I had to share this snippet from The Washington Post that I discovered while browsing news databases some years ago.....

TWP 14 Jan 86 Daryl Hannah, Disarmingly - From Nicaragua to 'Cave Bear'; The World of the Film Sensation (1818) ....

Her fear of public speaking is legendary. 'I panic in situations where I have to get up and speak. I remember once I had to get up for my school in Chicago. I literally wet my pants. I'm just not good at it. Something comes over me and I can't think.' ....

.... that particular little scene has kept my imagination busy ever since!


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Date: Saturday, 15-Jun-96 16:28:57 JST


Celebrity accidents: I don't know if this one counts as a "celebrity" or not -- about 12 years ago, ABC T.V. did an indepth report on the Ironman Triathlon from Hawaii. The women's leader collapsed about 50 feet from the finish line but was determined to make it. All of sudden, she had diarrhea in her pants and it showed on t.v. The announcers were very embarrassed to say the least because they had to show her valiant efforts to crawl towards the finish line since that was the real story of the Triathlon. One time I was watching either the Boston Marathon or New York Marathon on t.v. and Greta Weiss (sp?) was running with a roll of toilet paper in one hand, and the announcers mentioned that she had had diarrhea all the day and night before. She kept pulling at the bottom of her running outfit, pulling it away from her body like she was going to just poop it out into the open or something. In another triathlon, one of the front runners during the marathon portion ran off the road suddenly and behind a bush and you could see him just drop his pants and squat. The cameraman stayed on him about 2 seconds too long. (or not long enough depending on what you like). I'll have to watch SNL for the Claudia Schiffer skit where someone said she wet her pants.



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Oh well, now that I am here, I'll add my two cents worth about celebrity accidents, okay? Having lived in So. Cal. and having had more than a passing acquaintance with some celebs, I'll share some stories with you, since everyone seems so interested!!! :) :). (Can we use real names???)


I went to a party once up in the Hollywood Hills, and a famous gravelly-voiced, dark-haired actress was there. She is married, but a closet bi-sexual. She had to go to the bathroom and in this big house had a difficult time finding it. She yelled to the hostess from the hallway to help her, and they didn't return for about 15 minutes. I thought they were having some fun together, and when they returned, famous actress was wearing different slacks. The hostess giggled and said that "S____ had had a "little accident.



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Date: Friday, 14-Jun-96 05:03:34 JST

Whizzer (Forum User) wrote:

>aquavite (Forum User) wrote:
>>>Knew of some of those but not others. I'd love to know the details,
>>lets not even mention pictures and videos. As I and someone
>>else mentioned previusly, there is also Paul Abdul, who it seems
>>has done it twice that we know of...
>>I, too, would love to know more, as "guest" would. Any others?

thanks for the first post on paula abdul that was great, Does anyone have any details on paula's second accident ??

I would have loved to catch claudia schiffer peeing herself, I am sure they will cut that part out of the reruns {american tv}

I heard whoopi goldberg say on the arsenio hall talk show that while filming a movie her producer called her downstairs where there was a morgue ... as she was sitting there one of the drawers that holds the bodies started to move by itself whoopi jumped up ran into the door and as she put it "WET MY PANTS" .

there was an american tv show called phenom about a teenage tennis player, her coach told her that all big servers are bed wetters, and in one scene they showed another female tennis player being scolded for "going on the court", tracy austin was a contributor to the show, I wonder if this really happens, would love to hear of steffi graf peeing herself...

anybody know of any other celebs...


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From: magicman (Forum User)
Date: Monday, 10-Jun-96 14:47:38 JST


The Paula Abdul story I heard on the radio, she was on stage at a concert and one of the band members made her laugh so hard, she peed her tight (bicycle type) shorts! No more details other than she ran offstage to change. I also read somewhere that she has a tendency to get really nervous before the stage that she's always going to the bathroom. I know she's one of us! Another I think, is Madonna. When she was on Letterman about a year ago, she asked him if he pees in the shower. He said no, she said everybody does at one time or another, and many of her pictures in her book suggest peeing.


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Date: Saturday, 08-Jun-96 23:34:36 JST

I have been lurking in the forum for a while now and there have been many great stories and confessions of wetting and pants pooping, has anyone heard of celebrities having accidents... I would be greatly interested in hearing those, I know of a couple :

Barbara Streisand - playboy interview where she pees in her pants at a airport ..{seen at patches}

Sandra Bullock - on a mtv movie special dan cortese is hosting and he points the microphone at sandra and she says "i'm gonna pee in my pants !!!"

Sally Field - playboy interview where she said while making the movie beyond the poseidon adventure that the other actors made her laugh so hard she wet her pants three times on screen.

Leeza Gibbons - on a weekend entertainment tonight wrapup show she was in aspen skiing and she said i have never been able to ski this good before I'm so excited that i could wet myself.

Suzanne Sommers - read at patches...

anybody know of any others...??


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Date: Saturday, 13-Apr-96 20:38:11 JST

Just a short reaction from Danielle. In Holland we have a TV-program with 2 comedians (leading a team) and a woman who presents. Sometimes they have so much fun, that the lady presenter (Caroline) stands up from her chair and standing cross-legged next to her desk. Once everyone could see that she left the studio and came back with another pair of jeans. I think Tinker knows her too. The show is recorded before, but they didn't cut that part. A few weeks ago in a childrens televisionprogram, she was a special guest. And there she admitted that she sometimes had the leave the studio because she "has to pee because of all the laughing. Any other persons who saw accidents on TV?



Excerpt from an interview with Barbra Streisand in the 25th Anniversary issue of Playboy January 1989.

PLAYBOY: When does your body control you?

STREISAND: When I get really frightened, I literally pee in my pants.

PLAYBOY: Does that still happen?

STREISAND: Yeah. The last time it happened was when I got caught in Customs. I didn't report a pair of boots I'd bought, and the guy went through my purse and found the slip for the boots. I couldn't believe it. I was dumb enough to have the receipt in my bag and he found it and said, "What's this?" I peed in my pants.

PLAYBOY: How old were you?

STREISAND: How old was I? It was last year, what are you talking about? By the way, I claim everything now, even a pack of Japanese gum.


I turned on Howard Stern last night. He was interviewing beautiful Suzanne Somers who was telling him how in high school she usually (always?) wet the bed, and wore diapers. Howard Stern told her he loved the idea of her wetting the bed and repeated over and over how much the idea of her wet legs, ass and thighs, and wet sheets, turned him on. Suzanne told him how when she was first married, quite young, she wet the bed on her honeymoon.

The interview was edited, so I didn't get to hear as many details as I would have loved. But Suzanne did say that when she did it it felt good, warm and wet, but she was very, very embarassed. I gathered her new husband didn't like her wetting the bed....what a fool....which is what Stern thought, too.

I wanted to know if she also wet her pants or panties in high school or since, and whether she still wets the bed...and when and how she stopped if she doesn't. I was incredibly turned on looking at this beautiful woman describing how she would almost nightly wet her diapers in high school, and sometimes the bed....god, I wish I was with her.

Does anyone know any more about Suzanne Somers peeing in her bed, or pants? I'd love to hear....Howard, if you're reading, tell all....

Does anyone have experiences with girls wetting the bed. I've had a few girlfriends who've wet the bed (usually with their panties on, which I love best). I've been with women in bed three times when they've wet themselves (and me)...and thought each was great. The first in high school when I was almost 18, a girl pretty drunk soaked her white cotton bikini panties, the bed and me, and fell asleep. The second time after college when my girlfriend wet herself and me as she tried to get out of bed but was peeing forcefully in her red mesh panties. The third time another girlfriend wet her whtie cotton panties as she was dreaming about having to pee and then finding the relief of a toilet, but soaked her panties and the bed as she emptied herself as she and I slept.

I'd love to know more about others' experiences, and any more information anyone has about Suzanne wetting the bed.......



Keeping Secrets - Suzanne Somers

In her autobiography 'Keeping Secrets', Hollywood actress Suzanne Somers is very good at doing the exact opposite. One of her secrets is that she wet her bed every night until she was 14 years old, as did her brother Danny. The book is basically about life with an alcoholic father, and how she managed to overcome these difficulties and start an acting career. Unfortunately for Suzanne her childhood was anything but enjoyable, and she never really got to appreciate the joys of wetting herself, but here are some excerpts from her book.

Six A.M. The alarm rang. I felt so worn out. My mother was already up. Oh, God, I wet the bed. I didn't know why I couldn't stop. If anyone knew at school, I'd die. Sandy knew (she was my best friend), although Sandy didn't know that I did it every night. I opened the window and pushed the mattress outside to dry. I put the wet sheets in the wash and wiped clean the rubber sheet. Dad came out of the bathroom. I waited in my room till I was sure he was in the kitchen. My sister dashed past me and locked herself in the bathroom. 'Hurry in there,' I said. 'I'm all wet.' My pyjamas smelled and stuck to me. It was cold.

...Sandy and I looked alike - both blond, short and skinny. We were best friends. We lived about a half hour's walk from one another so we weren't able to play together every day; but we hung out at school. Sometimes on weekends I'd stay overnight at her house, but my fear of wetting the bed prevented me from staying too often. When I did stay, I didn't sleep very well. I'd try to keep awake to make sure I wouldn't pee; but after hours of trying, I'd get so exhausted I'd fall into a deep sleep. It was always then that my bladder let loose. It would be so embarrassing the next morning. I didn't want Sandy to know, but there was no way to cover it up.

...I was still wetting the bed every night. I would try so hard to stop. I wouldn't drink any liquids after dinner, but it didn't seem to help. Danny was wetting the bed every night too. We never associated our bed-wetting with the trauma and stress of our family alcoholism. We just thought there was something wrong with us. Danny and I were both at the washing machine putting our wet and smelly sheets into the washer when Dad walked by. 'Well, if it isn't pisshead and pissant - two pissheads.'

...One night Danny heard Dad in the kitchen. He thought, Ha, ha! When Dad comes up here, I'm going to be all dressed in my school uniform with my bed made and everything. Danny was still a little sleepy, so he lay down on his freshly made bed in his clean uniform. He didn't realise it was midnight. 'Get up, pisshead!' Dad yelled the next morning. Poor Danny had peed all over his uniform and the bed and bed-spread. I thought it was funny. Danny didn't.

...I was invited to a couple of slumber parties. I was dying to go, but what if I wet the bed at one of those fancy houses? Mom decided to help me do something about my bedwetting. She called the Nite-Dri Company. 'Bed-wetting is just a habit,' the representative said. 'We've figured out how to break this habit.' I felt uncertain but was willing to give it a try. The idea of wetting my bed at a friend's house horrified me. What if I wet the bed when I was married? I had to try this, crazy as it sounded.

To my surprise, in two short months a lifetime habit was broken. The crazy screen/alarm contraption worked! I stopped wetting the bed at last.


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