My life story of pants pooping

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Posted by Yanni on January 23, 2006 at 23:47 []

I'm sure I've told this story before in various fragments, but right now I'm bored, and in my head I am trying to organize all of the events in my life that pertain to pants pooping. I would say I'm a relatively lucky person as far as this fetish is concerned. Most go their entire lives without a single sighting and are utterly alone in their preference. I have been most fortunate thus far. My connection with pants pooping is definitely sexual, and centered around girls messing themselves. I do not partake very often at all. I also don't believe I was born with this, but rather am a "convert," due to events early in my life that have shaped who I am. The first story I share with you is my first memory dealing with messing one's pants (of course outside of my toddler years.)

I was seven or eight, and I had a babysitter for the summer. This babysitter had a son and a daughter, the son 9 and the daughter 17. One day, the son (named Bobby) and I were playing in his back yard, and all of a sudden he confided in me that "My sister poops her pants." I remember how I reacted to that statement, how I immediately imagined his gorgeous sister taking a shit in her tight pink spandex pants. I asked him why she would do that, and he told me that it was because "she likes a guy at her school." So at that early age, I had become under the impression that girls liked to poop their pants for pleasure. Well, I thought about this for a few days, and it really intrigued me, so I figured I was going to try to witness her in the act. I asked Bobby how often she pooped her pants, and he told me he had seen her do it three times in the past few weeks. He told me that all three times she had gone in her bedroom, closed and locked the door, and put on a New Kids on the Block CD. (Hey, it was the early 90's!) Bobby had happened to spy this activity thru a vent that their rooms shared, and was accessible from a hidden crawlspace behind his closet. Well one day, we heard the NKOB CD and decided to see what we could see. Sure enough, we looked thru the vent, and saw his sister (her name was Stacy) standing in front of a full-length mirror with those great, skin-hugging pink pants on. It took her a couple of minutes, but she popped a half-squat and pushed a huge load into her spandex, amid moans of pleasure barely audible over the music. She then paraded around the room a little, wiggling her butt, then sat on her bed, which she had pre-covered with a trash bag. After wriggling around in her mess for a few minutes, she began to play with herself. At that age, Bobby and I didn't know the full implications of what she was doing, but those thoughts and the things I saw that day stuck with me on into puberty and sexual maturation. Shortly thereafter was when I had tried pooping my pants for the first time, and I found it highly enjoyable. I had a brief stint with it up until age 9 or so, but stopped after almost getting caught multiple times, but I still actively fantasized about girls pooping themselves, listening closely whenever the subject was discussed.

My second experience with pants pooping was nothing short of amazing, although it requires a little backstory to be properly told. It involved my friend Tim's sister Ashley (I know, a lot of sisters!). This happened when I was sixteen and enjoying my newfound freedom to drive. I had my computer set up at Tim's with a few other friends and we were having a LAN party. These were the days before everyone had a broadband connection, and Tim was lucky enough to have one, so we all congregated at his house very often. It just so happened that this night, his sister and her friends were having a "slumber party" of sorts as well. Tim's sister had a bedroom in the basement, and even though she had no bedroom door, the basement afforded her all the privacy she could ask for since she was the only one in her family who ever went down there. Us guys of course were set up on the upper floor in and about Tim's room. After about an hour of Quake 2, I decided to go downstairs both to urinate and grab more soda. Somewhere along the way, I decided it would be fun to sneak down to the basement and spy on the girls, so into the basement I went, being as quiet as possible. The lights in the basement were off, but the light from Ashley's room was enough to illuminate the surrounding area after my eyes had adjusted to the light. (Remember, she had no bedroom door, only a thin curtain.) I crept up beside her door, sat down, and started eavesdropping. Just my luck! They were talking about their bodily functions, stuff that any teenage boy would be very interested to hear girls talk about. Their conversation eventually turned to daring each other do to certain things, like kiss each other. One girl (I think Olga was her name) seemed particularly fixated on bowel movements, and dared Ashley to fart. I instantly got very excited and started listening intently, trying not to breathe too loudly. All of the girls giggled, then got quiet. I heard a sudden "pfft," followed by more giggles. Another girl commented on the smell. Then, Olga said, "I have to take a big dump, I'll be right back." Ashley responded with "Well I dare you to take a dump in your pants." They all got silent again, and Olga said, "Hmm... I always wondered what that would feel like." Two of the girls made disgusted sounds and stated their obvious displeasure at the idea, but for whatever reason Ashley and Olga seemed to think it would be fun. Ashley chimed in, "Come on, you brought a change of underwear, and I have my own bathroom, so you can take a shower and no one will know!" Ashley actually talked Olga into doing it by telling her that she would poop her pants after Olga. "First I have to pee," Olga said as I heard the bathroom door open and close. After about 30 seconds, I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open again. "Ok, here goes..." Olga said hesitantly." At this point I was trembling with excitement, absolutely unable to believe what I was about to witness (or at least hear, anyway). After a series of very hot-sounding grunts, I heard the unmistakeable sound of pants filling with poop. She must've pooped quite a bit, because the crackling sound went on for about ten seconds. "Wow, this feels kinda wierd... now it's your turn, Ashley!" Olga said."I've had to go all afternoon and night, but I've been putting it off, so this should be easy." Ashley went into the bathroom to urinate as well, and came out a few seconds later. "Hmm... oh my god!" she said as she rapidly filled her pants. Just then the smell hit me. Those poor other three girls in the room with them! I've smelled poop before, but knowing it had just come out of an attractive girl made it somewhat sweet to smell. At this point, I had such an erection that my member was very sore. They went on for a few minutes, talking about how it felt. Olga called the shower first, so Ashley had to sit in her poopy pants for about 15 or 20 minutes. I thought about doing something devious like bursting in the room, or calling her from upstairs, but I decided against it. Instead, I just went back upstairs to my buddies. Keep in mind that all of this happened over a mere fifteen minutes, so my presence wasn't missed all that much. I never mentioned what I had heard to Ashley and her friends, but even to this day, when I see her or hear her voice, those memories come rushing back...

Which leads into my last leg of the story, the story of the girl I'm with right now, who has to be the most amazing female I've ever met. I'd had a few previous girlfriends, during high school and such, and only one of which I'd ever even come close to telling my secret. (She had brought up the question of how it felt to poop in a diaper. She seemed to be pretty open-minded, so I told her that I had once pooped my pants on purpose when I was little just to see how it felt. She didn't get outright disgusted, but she couldn't understand why I would do that, so I just dropped it and let it be.) As fate would have it, just as my last high school relationship was ending (another story in and of itself; I had been with her for three years, and this whole story happened over the course of 2005), at a rock concert I met a most amazing girl named Noelia from Spain who was more even-tempered, kind, and understanding than my previous girlfriend was ever capable of being. We immediately hit it off, and were wildly making out within the second night of knowing her. Unfortunately, she had to go back to Spain until she was done with school. A few months passed that seemed like an eon, but finally her school year was over, summer was upon us, and I paid for her to come over from Spain. I was still living with my parents at that point, but they were cool with Noelia coming to visit. Our relationship flourished, to say the least. We were inseperable. Then came the one fateful night that changed everything. We were driving back from downtown Chicago. After the CD we were listening to ended, she told me that we had to talk. That has always been bad news. I felt my heart start to sink, afraid for her to continue. She started by saying, "Yanni, I used your computer the other day, and saw some interesting videos." OH SHIT! I immediately thought. I had a few panty pooping videos that I had forgotten to throw on to my secure file server were no one could get them but me. I had always been meticulously careful about any and all panty pooping content on any of my computers. I could see where this was going, fast, and I started to feel the relationship that she and I had forged over the past two months start to go up in flames. "Uhhh... I think those came from an awful link of the day," I started, trying to play it down like it was something I was ridiculing off of somethingawful. She then half-giggled and said, "Strange, I've looked at the site nearly every day for the past three weeks... I don't remember there being a site like that." Then, she grabbed my hand, lifted her butt off of the seat of my car, and dropped a load in her pants! My eyes went wide with utter amazement and disbelief when I heard the familiar crackling eminating from her black velvet pants. The squeeze of her hand on mine as she strained made it all the more real. As she pushed the last of it out, she let out a contented moan that made me nearly orgasm on the spot. My car quickly filled with the smell, which I didn't mind, but we rolled down the windows anyway, because it was a nice night. She then explained to me, "When I saw those videos (I think she had seen a couple of the Kate videos) at first I didn't know what to think, but then I started wondering why you'd be turned on by such things. My curosity eventually got the best of me, and I had to try it. I didn't find it that bad at all; it actually felt kind of good. So, I figured if you're into girls shitting their pants, I was going to surprise you in the best way I could think of, by making you think you're busted, then turning everything around. I didn't take a crap for two days so I could do this for you." We talked the whole way home about it. She seemed to get more excited, the closer we got, as was I. When we finally pulled in the driveway, she pulled me into the back seat and straddled me, and we started to make out feverishly. She unzipped my pants and went down on me with great enthusiasm. I reached around and felt her load, how large and firm it was. This made her moan, and I must've orgasmed harder than I ever have, twice in a row nonetheless. We then went in the house (I had basement "apartment" with its own bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and I helped her clean up. After showering together, I went down on her for hours in repayment. Needless to say, we didn't leave bed the next day until about 1500. Now, we live in Spain, and we have our own apartment, so we can play as much as we want now. She's just the most random person. She's shit herself for me many times, and often we do it together. She'll do things that drive me wild, like poop when we're just making out, or when she's giving me a blowjob (which is the best feeing ever.)

So now that you all have read my novel-length story, I have some pictures to share with you.

This is Noelia, on the right:

This is Stacy. I had to dig thru about ten yearbooks at the local library, but it was worth it. I checked the book out and scanned the picture:

And this is Ashley, my friend's sister:
(Heh, I just asked her for that a minute ago.)

Thanks for reading... I will field any and all questions you may have.


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