Pooing in leather pants

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Posted by Impurath on May 07, 2003 at 13:07 []

When I was young, I first started having fantasies about filling my pants with thick, stinking, greasy shit and how this would cause shock and horror to everyone around me. Sometimes I imagined doing it at church.

Many years later, I have kept this to myself and my band mates, who understand that often the truest expression of romance is between men who have escaped the fear of extremity. I do also sleep with some women, when I can meet them at shows, but I do not prefer the company of women. Only battle comrades!

I am in a moderately successful band which plays shows across the world in a style of metal music that is not accepted by the same people who would find pantshitting disgusting. However, many of our fans still are not ready to take this final step toward seeing the truth beyond. So we do not tell them.

However, I have never before shit my pants on stage. Last show we played gave me a perfect opportunity. The "dressing room" was actually a big area behind the stage where there were lots things stored, like old machines and stage costumes in big brown cardboard boxes. No one could see me so I brought my bag of toys and got naked. First thing I did was to insert a rubber 12" black cock-style dildo into my ass, and I rubbed my asscheeks together, feeling it press hard into me and my submissive manly organ. It felt very good, but I could not maintain an erection without the smell of shit.

Because of this, I became more excited at the idea of shitting myself in front of other people. I wanted them to know what happened, but I did not want to make it public in a way that others could talk about later. I put on my favorite red lace teddy, which is very femme and a gift from our guitarist, Tragenda, and then over it my black leather pants and Beherit tshirt. When I moved the silk lace slide over my buttocks and back, making me feel very sexy. But still I was not erect or turned on.

I had prepared by eating a full meal at Taco Bell, but instead of drinking soda I had pure water and ate two or three butter packets from the restaurant, then had a couple of bran muffins and chocolate milk. Inside me the burbling tempest was beginning.

Before the show started, I took one of the fans they have to keep us cool on stage and moved it so that it was blowing past my microphone stand into the crowd. People were already chanting our band name and pounding on the tables at the bar. I grabbed my instrument and we ticked off and began.

Because I was stimulated, but not yet sexually aroused, this was one of the most energetic shows we have ever had. My energy was growing instead of going away, because of my little secret, which only I knew was going to occur before the unsuspecting crowd. On our final song, there is a part where I do a long and grotesque scream, and during the middle of this, I pushed hard in the behind area and felt a comforting warm ooze on my thighs and the bottom of my testicles as a sickening stench filled the air.

The crowd must have smelled it, because the looks of horror on their faces were immaculate! I did not want to let out my secret, so I continued to crap myself while doing the show normally, and no one knew. The only cleanup I did was to run back to the dressing room before going out to meet the fans, where I wiped myself down with an old sequin dress from the costume boxes and threw the hopelessly soiled teddy into a corner.

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