The religion of brown

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Posted by Impurath on April 30, 2003 at 11:25 []

I never thought of myself as a shit-lover, or bisexual, until one night when I was out drinking with the rest of my band, Black Witchery. We are 100% committed to being anti-life and anti-normal society, so nothing surprises us. We are afraid of no sexual or otherwise act. We were very drunk on malt liquor and whisky when we came back to the garage we rent for communal living and band practice. I was wearing my tight black BVD-style underwear, and it is from when I was younger and lived at home, so it is drum-tight across the ass. Because we had stopped for Mexican food on the way home, my bowels were loose and hot, and I could smell escaping gas leaking into the room as I laughed. My drummer must have smelled this too because he got horny and stripped down to his underwear. I said, what the hell, I am anti-life and I do not wish to have sex with women as that could possibly procreate more humans!!! and I hate humans!!! they are horrible. So all four of us were there in our underwear and then my drummer says, "I have to shit." I got up and wrapped a chain around the toilet in the corner and locked it and said, "Go ahead." So he let fly with a few hard round turds that bulged in his tight-fitting boxers, then a stream of yellow-brown creamy fluid that blasted a stain through his meager underwear onto the wall behind (it's okay, we're renting). At this point another member of the band could see my hard member, and so he took it out and stroked it... then put it in his mouth just as I clenched my bowels and inflated my pants with hot, thick, sticky and disgusting digestive byproduct. He gagged as I came, mostly from the stink but also from the rancid load of sperm that must have been flavored by the running brown afterbirth coating most of my lower body. Tragenda put down his guitar and came over, licking my balls clean of the hepatitic fluid, as Vaz put two stiff fingers into my still leaking rectum. I have never had such a forceful or rewarding shit in my life. I had not experimented much with men (outside of the band) before this, and what followed next was a unique experience that I will describe later. We all woke up in the morning, stuck together with each others' shit and cum, and I felt that for once I truly had escaped being human. If you like shit, or wetset sex, check out our music at the web page below. We are evil but we like to feel the brown ooze cling to us as we perform.


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